#1 Selling Author and Artist Launches New Book Spirit Speaks: Experiencing Self-Loss to Discover Self-Love

For many years, Denise Schaad struggled with addiction and the traumas she faced since childhood. After hitting rock bottom, she was finally ready to face her demons head-on and find healing. What started as writing poetry as a form of self-expression quickly turned into a journey of self-discovery that led her to become one of the most sought after artists and coaches. Denise Schaad, bestselling author of her debut book, Illuminate: Poetry That Speaks to the Soul and Awakens the Spirit, is now set to release another hit with Spirit Speaks: Experiencing Loss of Self to Discover Love of Self. This new book, Spirit Speaks, chronicles her journey from an abusive home with ties to child trafficking to learning to love herself and embracing her goal of helping others connect to their higher selves.

This book is sure to inspire those who read it with its powerful message of hope and healing. Denise says, “The light of your true nature is LOVE.” Denise is truly an inspiration and her story will motivate readers to overcome any obstacle in their lives. Readers go on a journey with her as she finds herself and realizes that she doesn’t need to be part of her family’s legacy. She discovers who she really is and opens her heart to the love she has for herself and for others through her works.

“I have personally witnessed Denise’s journey, and having known her and seen her journey, I know what a powerful soul she is. I highly recommend this book to anyone going through their personal journey or wanting to learn more to gain insight into how a journey of transformation unfolds. I am sure that through these words, this book will be a doorway to healing for many. said Anand Mehrotra, a world renowned visionary and founder and master teacher of Sattva Yoga.

One of Denise’s happiest times is when she is writing and painting. She is the author and self-publisher of Illuminate Poetry and is pleased to sell her paintings depicting spiritual awakening as a commissioned artist. Denise’s art is featured on her website at www.DeniseSchaadArt.com/shop-art

“My love of nature takes me on long walks in the desert to receive spontaneous healings which inspire my paintings. Through the use of vibrant colors and intuitive brushstrokes, I create a deep sense of connection with my soul and my spirit to express joy, playfulness and pleasure!” says Dennis.

Additionally, Denise spends her free time hosting Spirit Vision Quest retreats at her private ranch in Northern California, bringing awareness to the true self through nature. Denise thrives when guiding leaders through programs that align participants reaching their spiritual ceiling to fully release the emotional energies that impact their ability to powerfully embody their spirituality.

Denise invites individuals to find out where they are on their spiritual journey with her free Spirits Speak quiz. For more information on his new book, Spirit Speaks, please visit http://www.SpiritSpeaksBook.com.

About Denise Schad

Denise Schaad has come a long way from a past filled with trauma and addiction. She became a powerful and successful spiritual teacher and leader of the heart through her willingness to bravely face darkness. Known for her Discover, Activate and Illuminate programs, Denise teaches people how the ego-spirit keeps them in a continuous emotional loop and guides them to release those emotions as a way to embody Spirit and align with their true sense of self.

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Phone: +1-209-256-1829
Website: http://www.YourEnergyAwakening.com

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