A skier and author returns to the Rossendale ski slope for a book signing

SKIER and author Kimberley Kay returned to her roots to host a book signing on the outdoor ski slope where she honed her skills.

At The Hill, home of Ski Rossendale, she reunited with manager Dave Fuller, one of the slopes’ founders.

Her Ski AZ book is a practical guide to all things skiing, from locations and terminology to the best advice she’s acquired from more than 40 years of racing, teaching and promoting ski vacations.

An illustrator by trade, she created the beautiful images in the book and now transforms them into fabrics.

Mr Fuller said: “It’s great to see Kim again.

“I have known her and all of her family for many years and it is lovely to see her giving back to the skiing community through this wonderful book.

“It’s great, easy to understand and it’s really going to help a lot of people.”

Kimberley was born in Stacksteads, attended Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School, Accrington and Rossendale College, then Edge Hill University.

She now lives in Sheffield with her husband and stepchildren who also feature in her book illustrations.

Kimberley said: “The book is my legacy and I hope it will make skiing more accessible to people so they can feel more confident.”

He was previously asked to submit artwork for Dan Egan and Eric Wilbur’s extreme skiing book 30 years in a white mist.

They asked for 10 black and white images, she provided over 20 to choose from and ended up having 22 included in the book.

When she pitched the idea for her own book to Europe’s leading sports publisher Meyer & Meyer Sport, it took them just 40 minutes to strike a deal.

She said: “The book complements teaching and is for everyone, from grandparents helping kids get started in the sport, and groups of skiers helping them get started in skiing.

“I include my best advice as well as the experience I have gained over the years.”

Her mum Maureen joined her at the book signing and said: ‘I’m so proud of her. I know the amount of work that went into creating the book.

In hardback and full-color ebook format, Ski A to Z is available to buy now from all online book retailers and bookstores.

Lola R. McClure