Acclaimed Longford author to unveil ‘The Stream of Everything’

In May 2020, John Connell finds himself, like so many others, confined to his neighborhood, the ability to travel freely and socialize cut short.

His attention turns to the Camlin River – an ever-present source of life for his townspeople and, for John, a site of childhood adventures, first love, family history and local legend.

He decides to do his journey by canoe with his friend, Sunday Times journalist Peter Geoghegan, a two-day trip requiring physical effort and mental resilience.

As the world comes to a standstill around them, the river continues to teem with life – a symphony of buzzing mayflies and jumping trout.

As they meander downriver, John reflects on his life: his travels, past relationships and his battle with depression, as well as Irish folklore, geopolitics and philosophy.

The Stream of Everything is both a daydream and a celebration of careful observation; a winding and bucolic account of the summer in which we discovered the house.

John Connell is the author of The Running Book and The Cow Book, number one bestseller and winner of Popular Non-Fiction Book of the Year at the Irish Book Awards.

Her work has appeared in Granta’s New Irish Writing. He lives on the family farm in County Longford.

“In many ways a book of resolution, this final installment in John Longford’s trilogy brings the series to a happy close,” according to author and Irish Times columnist Michael Harding.

The Stream of Everything will be available from May 5th and a local launch will take place at Longford Library on Wednesday May 4th.

Lola R. McClure