Ambassador: Greek journalist’s Estonia comments only a personal opinion | News

The recent personal views on Estonia expressed by a controversial journalist and media mogul in Greece in no way reflect anything other than that, and certainly do not speak to that country’s position or relations towards Estonia, which remain rock solid, the Greek ambassador to Estonia said.

Efthimios “Makis” Triantafyllopoulos, had claimed, through various posts on his social media account, that Estonia was a “fascist” state that oppressed its Russian-speaking minority.

Greece’s Ambassador to Estonia, HE Manolis Apostolakis, responded to Triantafyllopoulos’ comments and subsequent media reports, in a statement he kindly provided to ERR News, as follows.

I would also like to point out that all opinions expressed in Mr. Triantafyllopoulos’ tweets are completely personal and in no way reflect official Greek positions.

May I also point out that Estonia and Greece, which are celebrating 100 years of diplomatic relations this year, are both EU Member States and NATO allies and are bound by ties of friendship based on the many common principles and values ​​they share, including respect for international law, democracy and the rule of law and human rights, including freedom of expression and of the media , occupies a prominent place.

Indeed, the ties between Greece and Estonia and our peoples, like any bond based on fundamental values, are deeply and strongly anchored and can in no way be affected by personal and unfounded opinions.

Reprinted Triantafyllopoulos’ tweets, along with various replies on Twitter, including a rebuttal of his claims, about Defense League-led anti-propaganda Propastop website.

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Lola R. McClure