An author visits the Geneva Library for lunch | News

GENEVA — Kylie Logan didn’t keep things a mystery on Saturday afternoon as she reflected on what makes a crime novel work.

Logan, from Brunswick, addressed a group of about 30 people at the annual Friends of the Geneva Library authors’ luncheon.

Sandi Kleps, chair of the organization’s membership committee, organized the event.

“I like to have the author’s lunch once a year,” she said.

Logan, who writes under 10 different pseudonyms, has written 65 books, including mystery novels and romance novels. She said she has now written 35 mystery books.

“I like killing people,” she laughed before starting the program.

Logan said she hasn’t been able to go out in public much for this type of event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I haven’t done one in at least two years,” she said.

Logan’s website details why she writes under so many pseudonyms.

“While every author who uses a pseudonym has a particular reason, mine is quite simple – the name on the cover of my books is based on the type of book it is,” she said.

Each pen name is used for a particular type of book.

Logan grew up learning about crime firsthand.

“I learned to love a good ‘who did it’ early on from my dad, a Cleveland PD detective who loved Sherlock Holmes stories and spent most of his days looking for stolen cars. Often on these trips I was a part of it, and to this day I have Dad to thank for my knowledge of some of the less savory parts of town,” she says on her website.

Logan said she doesn’t like technology, but likes creating a mystery. She said she wrote romantic literature before turning to mysteries and indicated that future books will mix the two genres.

Over lunch, Kleps announced that Scott Bogue was the Friends of the Library Volunteer of the Year. She said her name will be added to a plaque at the library honoring the volunteers who make the library a better place.

Geneva Library Director Lauren Webster thanked Logan for coming to the event and Bogue for his work at the library.

Lola R. McClure