An author who never hesitates to dream big

No matter how Herculean her life is, she never shy away from dreaming big. Reetu Mourya is a young author with multiple achievements. Her life was filled with obstacles, but she decided to become brave. She considers her grandmother to be her greatest strength in her life. Reetu Mourya lost his parent at a very young age. She is from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Reetu Mourya has completed her studies and graduated from Bareilly itself. His upbringing is reflected in his thoughts and visions. One who has a tremendous thought to serve society with the help of words. She believes words are the most powerful weapon a person can wield. She wanted to contribute something to society.

She wanted to help people and therefore she decided to write her book “Hum Ek hi Naav Ke Maanjhee”. A single woman with a bundle of accomplishments. Reetu Mourya Receives 2022 Author of the Year Award for MasterpieceHum Ek hi Naav Ke Maanjhee”. At such a young age, she received well-known awards such as the “Young Achiever Award 2021” and the “Women Substance Award 2022”. At each stage of her life, she had many ups and downs, but it never affected her desire to become an author. Her grandmother and her family kept her motivated and inspired. She believes that the scene where she stands today is due to the level of belief.

She dedicates her accomplishments and knowledge to her grandparents and family who raised her to be strong with bright thinking to do something great in life. Apart from her writing career, Reetu Mourya is involved in NGOs doing social and service work. She is preparing for the civil service competition. So that she can better contribute to society. It is the real whiff of simplicity, creativity, knowledge and beauty. She believes that “empathy is everything”. She who has no altruistic thoughts or intentions is now known as the best writer of 2022. Her poetic talent is seen in her first poem “We are boats in the same boat”. The poem deals with the situation or circumstances that people see regularly. The poem focuses on everyday events that occur in the world.

The author is strongly spiritual as she believes that the entire author should be spiritual to better understand humans. Having received a lot of honors, the author still likes to learn from people. She believes that learning is an ongoing process that you can do throughout your life. She finds cooking and photography very captivating to please your own heart. The author loves modeling and sees fashion as a good way to gain confidence. According to Reetu Mourya, successful people are those who walk a few extra miles since normal people returned. She builds her strength and works on her weaknesses. She believes women need to stop underestimating themselves and start dreaming. The power of dreams would never let you fail in any situation. According to her, the only way to succeed is to accept reality and not give up on your goals. The author is a kind-hearted human who gets energy after interacting with people. Her true motivation comes from all the people she has met on her life journey.

To read the book, click here: Hum Ek hi Naav Ke Maanjhee

Lola R. McClure