An “Eragon” TV show is in development at Disney Plus, the author reacts

According reportsa TV adaptation of Eragon is currently in the works at Disney+focusing on The Inheritance Cycle series of young adult novels by Christopher Paolini.

Variety reports that Paolini is set to co-write the show, which covers events featured in Eragon, the first book in the series. A film, starring Ed Speleers as Eragon, had already been released in 2006, but was poorly received by critics and struggled at box office.

Eragon tells the story of a farm boy who discovers a dragon egg in the mountains. It was the third best selling children’s hardcover book of 2003 and the second best-selling paperback of 2005. It is considered one of the most influential young adult fantasy books of the past 20 years.

Asked about the news, Paolini posted the following set of emoji on Twitter!

Paolini thanked everyone involved in a fan-led movement for an Eragon remake, launched a year agowhich almost certainly led us to this point.

“So all I can say at this time is… thank you,” he tweeted. “Thank you to everyone who read the books, supported the tweetstorms and participated in this fandom. None of this would have happened without you Alagaësians.”

Lola R. McClure