Author Alain Chamorin’s new book ‘Mosaic’ is a gripping tale about a young boy in the 1930s who leaves his home in Italy for big adventures in Guyana

Alain Chamorin, a French native and proud husband who now resides in California, has finished his new book “Mosaic”: a gripping coming-of-age tale.

“In the 1960s, Marseille, rebellious and radiant, was contaminated by bloodshed between Italian mobsters and the future Corsican mafia. The city, a colorful melting pot of cultures, was founded by Greek settlers who first named it Massalia (c. 600 BC). In the 1960s, a young orphan raised by a modest Italian family is confronted with the death of his adoptive mother. Mayhem follows as the child becomes defiant of the institution and wanders the narrow city streets in search of the true meaning of his youth. As a dark cloud shares his confusion, the young man is struck with another chance for salvation in the form of an invitation to move to South America. From the concrete jungle to the Amazonian jungle, he rediscovers himself in the face of animal cruelty, racism and the intolerance of the civilization of domestication. According to a Spanish legend, the location of the Holy Grail was engraved inside a massive bell lost deep in the forest of Guyana by the conquistadors. The thrilling experience will plunge the teenager into the unfathomable wilderness to prove once again how unpredictable life remains. After the lingering excitement wears off, he revisits the birthplace of his affliction, the unforgiving streets of Marseille.

Published by Page Publishing, Alain Chamorin’s captivating tale is filled with adventure, conquest and drama to compose an incredible journey based on a true story.

Readers who wish to experience this captivating work can purchase “Mosaic” online at Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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