Author Goudsward Joins Board of Trustees of Portland, Maine-based International Museum of Cryptozoology

Haverhill native David Goudsward has joined the board of trustees of the International Museum of Cryptozoology in Portland, Maine, and a recently opened exhibition space, archive and bookstore in Bangor.

Goudsward is the author of 16 books ranging from horror writer HP Lovecraft’s visits to the Merrimack Valley to an internationally acclaimed study of the sea serpents of southeastern America.

“Having David as a Distinguished Board Member of the International Museum of Cryptozoology is an honor for us, and adds his skeptical and open-minded insights to our discussions,” said museum director Loren Coleman.

The ICM is a curated two-story museum with a wide variety of specimens, oddities, and artifacts surrounding cryptozoology – the study of hidden or unknown animals. Commonly associated with larger mystery species such as Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and Sea Serpents, cryptozoology also seeks evidence for hundreds of other yet-to-be-discovered animals around the world called “cryptids.” It also encompasses the study of recently discovered animals, such as the coelacanth, okapi, megamouth shark, giant panda, and mountain gorilla.

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Lola R. McClure