Author Joan Livingston will read a new mystery novel in Worthington

WORTHINGTON – Former Daily Hampshire Gazette editor Joan Livingston will read her latest mystery novel at an event at Worthington Library this Saturday.

Livingston, of Shelburne Falls, was a longtime Worthington resident who covered the Hilltowns as a journalist for several years.

“It’s like coming home,” Livingston said at the event in Worthington.

Livingston’s latest book, “Working the Beat,” is the fifth book in her Isabel Long mystery series.

The series is named after its protagonist, who in the first book decides not to apply for her position as editor of a newspaper after it was taken over by a chain and decides to investigate an old missing persons case, while also taking care of the bar of the Rooster Bar. and grill.

“The Hilltowns are definitely the inspiration for this series,” Livingston said.

She also said that “there’s a lot of me in Isabel” and that a lot of the skills she learned as a journalist she gives to her detective.

In “Working the Beat”, Isabel Long and her 93-year-old mother, who is Long’s “Watson”, are approached by a woman at a fair asking her to investigate the death of her grandson, who was found dead behind the fairground arena a few years ago.

The new book is dedicated to Steve and Diane Magargal, the former owners of Listons Bar & Grill in Worthington.

Livingston said she will review the entire series at the Worthington event, answer questions from the audience, read “Working the Beat” and possibly other books in the series as well.

She also stated that she is currently working on her sixth book in the series.

Books in the Isabel Long series can be purchased online, at several Franklin County bookstores, and at Floodwater Brewing in Shelburne Falls, which is owned by one of Livingston’s sons and carries all five books.

Goshen Women’s Club to Hold 100th Celebration

The Goshen Women’s Club, which turned 100 last fall, will celebrate the milestone on Sunday.

The original celebration was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The celebration will take place in a tent outside Goshen City Hall at 1 p.m. and local band Sidetracked will also play there.

Chesterfield 4th of July Parade

After years of being cut back, the Chesterfield 4th of July Parade is set to go full steam ahead this year.

“We’re really excited about it,” said Ed Severance, who co-chairs the parade.

A stage will be set up downtown on Sunday, the day before July 4, and the band Sidetracked will perform. There will also be food trucks and a vintage car display.

On Monday there will also be live music, both before the parade and during the parade itself. There will be floats and animals marching in the parade, which usually takes place from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

There will also be a chicken barbecue, pancake breakfast, clowns and an art exhibit on the day.

“We usually get about 5,000 people who show up,” Severance said.

Parade organizers are looking for volunteers, and those interested can call Severance at 413-374-1289.

This will be the 75th 4th of July parade in Chesterfield, and the slogan is ’75 and back live’.

For the past two years, the parade has been a car-only affair.

“We are really excited to revive our tradition,” Severance said.

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