Author Laurie Lisa signs with director Allen Redwing to handle TV production for two novels

“The Wine Club” and “Hollister McClane” signed by Allen Redwing for possible television production.

Image by Laurie Lisa, author of The Wine Club and Hollister McClane

Laurie Lisa, author of “The Wine Club” and “Hollister McClane”

Photo of Allen Redwing, director and founder of Bookscribs

Allen Redwing, director and founder of Bookscribs

Redwing describes Laurie Lisa as a “master craftsman” and a “classic genius” at writing stories that fit the format of the television series.

After reading and revisiting Laurie’s books, I realized that Laurie is a classic genius at writing stories that fit the TV series format. She is a master of art at all levels. It’s surreal.

— Allen Redwing, director and founder of Bookscribs

PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA, USA, March 22, 2022 / — Laurie Lisa (Paradise Valley, AZ), author of several popular novels, has signed with Allen Redwing, director at Mtown Films (Boston, MA), to handle the television production of two of her books, “The Wine Club” and “Hollister McClane”.

Redwing, award-winning director and founder of an innovative AI-powered story adaptation and production company, (Boston, MA), first reached out to Laurie after determining “The Wine Club” was perfect for a streaming TV series adaptation.

Redwing explained, “Following discussions with top networks, Bookscribs analyzed 50,000 stories to find a timely and socially relevant novel for possible adaptation. We found “The Wine Club” to be perfect for a streaming TV series. we analyzed ‘Hollister McClane’ and found it to top our rankings as a potential feature film. I immediately contacted Laurie and worked to acquire the management rights to the TV/film adaptation of both books.

“The Wine Club” is Laurie’s first published novel and tells the story of several cash-strapped Scottsdale mothers dealing with the dysfunctions of domestic life and teenage daughters. The women try to solve their problems with a trendy wine club that turns into a sophisticated high-stakes community scam. Since its release in 2020, the provocative and socially relevant crime story has remained a top seller in its categories on Amazon.

“Hollister McClane” is Laurie’s most recent published novel and is a gripping, fun, light-hearted adventure that mixes criminal adventure with good old-fashioned Southern charm. It is already garnering excellent reviews. However, Laurie says the books are quite different.

Laurie explains that “Hollister is a beautiful, small-town southern Missouri heroine who has a knack for accidentally robbing banks, convenience stores, and a possible drug cartel. But she’s also kind, savvy, eternally optimistic, fiercely patriotic and somewhat promiscuous. Readers love Hollister and his adventures, and they often describe it as a fun read. “The Wine Club” is a darkly humorous detective story with a twisted and somewhat satirical plot. Its characters are imperfect but very relatable. Think ‘Good Girls’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’ meet ‘Breaking Bad.’ I’m glad Allen reached out. I know it’s a long time for a book to hit the screen, but I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Redwing is now working to complete the pitch package for “The Wine Club”, pair artists with main and supporting characters, and market the production to relevant Hollywood studios. Redwing expressed his growing appreciation for Laurie’s writing: “After reading, listening to, and revisiting Laurie’s books, I realized that Laurie is a classic genius when it comes to writing stories that fit the format of the TV series. It’s a master craftsman on every level. It’s surreal.”

Laurie’s books are published by Homeless Media Co. (Scottsdale, AZ) and are available in all formats at most retailers, including Amazon. Plus, you can learn more about Laurie and follow her social media at and she Amazon Author Page.

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