Author Pete Hall discusses the impact of self-reflection on creating a positive environment

Returning Guest Pete Hall, Executive Director of and author of the YA novel Chasing the showjoin the hosts Ron Stefanski and Dr Caesar Mickens to talk about his new book and the valuable lessons in communication and empathy between parents, coaches and children.

While Hall’s other books focus on lessons in self-reflection, this story takes a fresh approach: “How do I navigate what my life is going to be like?” “Hall said. To create an audience receptive to learning while also being engaged in the story, Hall focused on figuring out what people wanted most, “Part of the motivation beyond writing was to bond,” he said.

Today, schools are trying to figure out the measure of success and part of that equation has to be making connections. The human need for interaction has been strongly reflected in the remoteness of the pandemic era and the isolating digital aspect, which has taken a toll on the mental health of many people. When Hall’s friend returned to the office, one of the reasons he gave was, “‘I miss interacting with human beings,'” Hall said.

The book reflects these human relationships, “It’s a novel for young adults… It follows the ups and downs of that dream [of an athlete]“As the story unfolds, it also follows the interactions between the child and his parents, the child and his classmates and teammates, the child and one of his teachers in particular, the parents and their friends who are school psychologists. .” The book aims to explain the importance of providing and nurturing support for one’s goals while communicating effectively and developing a “plan B” in case plan A does not materialize.

Not only Chasing the show help facilitate conversations between parents and children, but it is an important tool for learning to communicate effectively. A lot of kids “don’t have the skills and knowledge to go talk to their coach…” Hall said, this book aims to disrupt that.

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