Author warns consumers not to eat his ‘green goddess’

Can a bold woman usher in a new era of energy?

• Jon Pepper: “It’s a book, not a salad” • Yet, he notes, the paper version is tastier than NYC school lunches

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, May 17, 2022 / — Novelist Jon Pepper informed consumers today that his new book, Green Goddess, not to be confused with a dip, dressing or salad. He said the novel, which debuts today on Amazon and other platforms, is safe to digest, but only as a reader.

“Digital, paperback, hardcover, there is no form my book is edible in,” he announced at a press conference in his Lower Manhattan office. “I urge the public to follow the science. Lab tests show that the story has no mayonnaise, chives or tarragon. On the contrary, it is about 40% drama, 40% of comedy, a pinch of romance, a pinch of science and a pinch of Pepper.

The novel, third in Pepper’s series, Fossil Quarrels, recounts energy executive Lindsey Harper Crowe’s fight to keep her New York-based company alive amid growing climate hysteria. His Crowe Power Company is attacked by his awakened daughter, Missy, engaging in street protests against the company; her ex-husband, Robbie, trying to regain control of the business; the Fenwick administration in Washington seeking the end of “Big Fossil”; and famed hedge fund manager, Harold “Hacksaw Harry” Crenshaw, determined to bust his company under the guise of virtuous investing. The story presents human innovation as a possible answer to climate concerns – in this case with a potential breakthrough in fusion energy, which Pepper calls “star power”.

“I’m lucky to live in a city that offers an abundance of idiocy to ridicule,” he said. “Add Washington DC shenanigans to the mix and sometimes it’s hard to parody the headlines.”

Still, he says, it was worth the try.

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