Author William L. Kane, Sr.’s new book “The Cost of Becoming ‘Woke'” is an intricate look at America’s current political landscape and “woke” ideologies.

William L. Kane, Sr., a U.S. Navy veteran who earned his Bachelor of Science degree from St. Peter’s College and an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University, has finished his new book ‘The Cost of Becoming ‘Woke’: First ‘Woke, ‘Then Broke and Lawless: A Consideration of the First Year of the Biden Administration’: a thought-provoking read that explains how progressive policies aren’t always the best choice for a nation, and how voters need to think harder to the politicians they vote for.

“Woke progressive policies have cost America with open borders, the highest inflation rate in forty years, empty store shelves, unmanageable energy costs, educational programs seen through the prism of the racism, international humiliation, high crime and lawlessness, cultural nullification, sanctuary cities, and an exploding national debt,” writes Kane, Sr.

“Extremely progressive revival policies are inherently divisive and ultimately do our nation more harm than good.

“While most enlightened initiatives seem noble, few succeed; while most enlightened ideologies seem altruistic, few are pragmatic. We should aspire to more diversity of thought and less diversity of color. Americans must choose between reason and emotion in future elections. We have to choose between being awake or being awake.

Published by Page Publishing, William L. Kane, Sr.’s eye-opening account examines the first year of President Biden’s administration and examines the potential ways the American people are worse off than before. Through his findings, Kane, Sr. calls on Americans to think more critically about how the politicians they vote for will affect them through legislation and to work for a more inclusive nation that is not divided. , but rather united.

Readers wishing to discover this poignant work can purchase “The Cost of Becoming ‘Woke’: First ‘Woke’ Then Broke and Lawless: A Consideration of the First Year of the Biden Administration” online at Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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