Author’s new book “Mystery & History in Georgia” receives warm literary reception

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the non-fiction – historical book “Mystery & History in Georgia” by R. Olin Jackson, currently available at

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Reviewed by Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite

“R. Olin Jackson’s Mystery & History in Georgia is the first volume in the author’s catalog of all things Georgia, beginning the reader’s journey with an introduction to the state’s incredibly deep history, for the better and for worse Jackson offers a massive compilation, the result of exhaustive research into the history of the state and a number of unexplained events that some will certainly have heard of and others that I dare say no one outside the immediate area would have.Jackson’s inclusions range from notorious, such as the home and story of infamous early 20th century bank robber Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd, to the sad demise of the the largely forgotten Tallulah Falls Railway, and the Whistle Stop Cafe, the famous Fried Green Tomatoes movie location that’s still open.

“I love history and I love mysteries, and I’m a person who picks places I travel based on what they mean and not what most tourists want to see, which has made of Mystery & History in Georgia by R. Olin Jackson a very good choice for my reading rotation. I was half expecting a heavy narrative with maybe some good photography, but I was absolutely blown away by the almost conversational nature of the backstory and narrative and, my word, the photography is amazing! The work is complete and there really is something for everyone. The story that stood out to me most was the details of a flood that hit a rural Georgian village over 140 years ago, wiping out all but one of the residents and sadly erasing modern memory as well. It’s for reasons like this that Jackson’s work is so important, and why this book is important. We have a responsibility to the legacy of all who came before us, be it the last year or the last century, and I am very grateful to have found this fantastic historical volume.

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