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SUNDANCE, WYOMING, USA, April 20, 2022 / — Mike Easley, author of The anticsfree him No-O of leadership reserve on April 19 on the Amazon market. The No-Os of Leadership are written to help managers, leaders, and executives across the country break down barriers and become leaders worth following. Mike Easley shares stories, experiences and insights from his two decades as CEO of an electric co-op to help you on your leadership journey.
Whether you are just beginning your leadership journey, stepping up to lead a team, or progressing into organizational leadership, you will find valuable information and lessons in The No-Os of Leadership that can help you on your way.

Developing self-awareness and empathy is crucial for future leaders. The same goes for the non-O awareness of leadership (ego, libido and dinero). During his 20-year leadership journey, Mike Easley discovered that No-O awareness empowers leaders to better serve their organizations, those around them, and the greater good.

This book takes you on a journey along the leadership continuum, from becoming a self-directed leader, to leading teams and eventually leading organizations. You will discover :
• Why self-awareness and empathy are so important at every stage of your leadership journey
• The fundamental qualities that every good leader must embody
• How to build and develop teams while pursuing your own development as a leader
• Why and how your approach to leadership needs to change as you transition to organizational leadership
• How knowing the No-Os can improve your decision-making as a leader

Mike’s mentors shared the following regarding the release of the book:

“Mike Easley was an active and enthusiastic learner in Grand Canyon University’s Executive Development Program and I admire his constant desire to be a better leader. self-leadership, a more experienced manager working to develop their skills as a team leader, or a seasoned servant leader at the executive level, The No-Os of Leadership is well worth reading. Mike are meaty and motivating as he speaks directly to you with leadership lessons from his own life and work – from scout to CEO – that are real and relevant.This enjoyable book will leave you wanting more. Learn more about Mike.Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute ManagerⓇ and Simple Truths of Leadership

“If you didn’t have a title, would anyone follow you? The underlying message of this delicious book is that leadership is a choice. In fact, it’s hundreds of choices every day. Apply these principles and become a leader that people like to follow. Dr. Kevin Freiberg, co-author of 8 award-winning books

The No-Os of Leadership is currently available in print and will be released on Kindle e-reader on May 17. Books can be viewed and purchased at

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