Best-selling author explains why men have secret women – and red flags to look out for

A best-selling author who wrote a book on bigamy has revealed everything she’s learned about crime – and the signs every woman should look for.

Adele Parks’ new novel, Both of You, follows a bigamous woman who goes by two names, Leigh Fletcher and Kai Janssen, and who has two completely separate lives.

Adele has now revealed the different signs people should look for if their partner is lying to them, saying The sun: ‘The thing they have in common is a lot of boastfulness.’

Among those whose stories Parks were researched was that of Adrian Linham, 44, who had two women living just 16 miles apart, as well as William Allen Jordan, who told his wife that he had a secret double life as a CIA agent.

Best-selling author Adele Parks revealed everything she’s learned about bigamists – and the signs every woman should look for (pictured, Adrian Linham, 44, with his wife Liz – he had two wives living at just 16 miles from each other)

“All the bigames seem to have confidence in their invincibility. “

She added: “They think they are such good liars that they will cheat on everyone all the time.”

Meanwhile, Adele also explained, “Some of them depend on their business travel to create an opportunity to lead two (or more) lives at the same time.”

The bestselling author researched several bigamy stories for his latest novel, including that of Adrian Lingham.

Mary Turner Thomson, 53, of Edinburgh, believed her husband William Allen Jordan (pictured with her two young children) was a CIA agent, but he was in fact a serial bigamist

He divorced his first wife, Mélanie, in 2006 before marrying his second, Liz, in 2007.

They were still together when he married the third, Hayley, in 2014. His network of lies included spending alternate Christmas days with one and then the other (using mysterious “family emergencies” as an excuse); telling his witness, who attended both ceremonies, that he had suddenly divorced Liz.

He even gave Liz the wedding cake from her wedding ceremony with Hayley as a birthday present.

In the end, he was defeated by his own mother, who wrote to Liz – who she believed her son was divorced – to verify that she was making do without him.

He was briefly jailed for bigamy in 2015, before Hayley, a kindergarten teacher, gave him a second chance and returned to their home in the village of Winterbourne, Gloucestershire.

But it wasn’t long before he reverted to his old ways, embarking on an affair with another woman whom he secretly planned to marry number four.

Jordan is pictured with Mischele Lewis whom he also duped after returning to the US, after serving two and a half years in the UK for bigamy, fraud and gun possession

Jordan is pictured with Mischele Lewis whom he also duped after returning to the US, after serving two and a half years in the UK for bigamy, fraud and gun possession

And they are not always men! Bigamous mother of three married her lover and had her baby – keeping the relationship AND pregnancy hidden from her ‘sad and distraught’ 18-year-old husband

Brinda Kantamanen (pictured), 42, forged her father’s name on the marriage certificate when she married her lover Matthew Hall, 45, at Ealing Town Hall in west London in October 2017

Brinda Kantamanen, 42, forged her father’s name on the marriage certificate when she married her lover Matthew Hall, 45, at Ealing Town Hall, west London, in October 2017.

But 18 years earlier, in May 1999, she had married Ravi in ​​North Carolina.

The couple held a traditional Indian ceremony later that year and had two children together, the Mirror reported.

Her husband was “sad and distraught” when he found out that Kantamanen had married another man and hid a pregnancy from him.

The consequences of this final relationship were devastating. When his third wife Hayley and his suspicious new bride-to-be discovered the other, they both ruthlessly dumped him.

Linham returned to live with his mother but, left with nothing after his web of lies was unraveled, he committed suicide in March 2016.

Meanwhile, Mary Turner Thomson, 53, of Edinburgh, made headlines around the world when it was revealed that the husband she thought she knew and loved, William Allen Jordan, 53, from the New Jersey, was in fact a liar and a con artist who had duped several other women into the marriage, as well as the father of 13 children with six partners.

The couple, who met online in 2000, were together for years before their secret past was uncovered – with Thomson admitting that, until then, Jordan, who claimed he was an active CIA agent on secondment to MI5 in the UK, seemed like the perfect husband and father.

Thomson quickly found himself trapped in Jordan’s network of lies, not only falling into his history of being an active CIA agent who often had to go missing for months at a time on various “missions” – but also believing him. when he told her he was infertile due to a childhood illness.

Little did she know he was actually a pathological liar who had lied to her about almost every aspect of his life and career – from his bogus job as a CIA agent to his previous relationships, marriages and children.

Jordan’s deception came to light in late 2005 when he told Thomson that he had an argument with the police over what he described as a “misunderstanding” regarding his credit card. a friend.

Jordan then disappeared again shortly before Christmas that year and called in January to warn Thomson that police were about to call him.

He told his wife that the police would claim he had been arrested for bigamy, insisting that the charges were a mistake on the part of the authorities, who had found “papers” relating to a CIA asset named Julie. , which he claimed to have posed. as his wife in order to carry out espionage work in the United Kingdom.

Jordan even found an excuse as to why the police would tell his wife he was a registered sex offender – insisting that the charge was fabricated by the CIA in order to allow him to interrogate a real criminal in the interior of a sex offender wing in a prison.

The truth, as she later learned, was that he was actually arrested and convicted of assaulting a girl aged nine to 13 in 1997.

But despite the incredible invention, Thomson believed him, and it wasn’t until his bogus ‘trump card’ Julie Bringhurst – who was actually another of his wives – phoned him, that Jordan’s true cheating. has been painfully explained.

Jordan was charged and jailed for bigamy, illegal possession of a stun gun, and fraud.

He spent two and a half years of his five-year sentence in UK prison and upon his release was returned to the United States.

Lola R. McClure