Best-selling author Randy Alcorn shares his wife ‘doesn’t have much time left in this world’

Screenshot via YouTube @Eternal Perspective Ministries with Randy Alcorn

Founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries, former pastor, best-selling author and donor, Randy Alcornannounced some heartbreaking news about his wife Nancy Monday.

Alcorn asked its 65,000 subscribers on Twitter pray for his wife who, as diagnosed with colon cancer in 2018 and discovered in 2019 that he had spread in his lungsbecause Nanci told her that she felt her time on earth was coming to an end.

Alcorn shared that his two daughters, Karina and Angela, and their families (the Alcorns have five grandchildren) gather at home to spend time with their mother.

“If Nanci is right that there is not much time left, then this will likely be the last gathering IN THIS WORLD of our tribe of 11,” Alcorn wrote. “Fortunately, eternal life transcends the grave. This world now under the curse is a broken world waiting and yearning to be redeemed (Romans 8).”

Alcorn said Nanci is ready to be with Jesus, but before she left this earth, “she wanted, and of course I agree, to talk about the lives of our children and especially our grandchildren. I would deeply appreciate your prayers for her and for this unique and I believe unforgettable family reunion.

Nanci’s loving husband later thanked everyone who prayed for his family in their final reunion with their mother, grandmother and wife, saying, “I really can’t imagine a family having a more Christ-centered send-off and an au short-term goodbye of a loved one we had. It was really all I could have hoped for and prayed for.

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“Nanci has heard words of deep love and respect from her children and grandchildren, her sons-in-law and her husband,” Alcorn shared. “She talked to us for maybe 15 or 20 minutes. It was remarkably clear, far longer than any time she has spoken with clarity since she was in the hospital.

The weather was emotional and will be something the whole family will never forget. Alcorn wrote that two of their grandsons said “they will never forget this day”, while the others expressed feelings for each other. “Nanci’s desire was to have an everlasting impact on the lives of her grandsons.”

Alcorn shared how tired his wife is and that the family is asking God to take her as soon as possible while they trust him and thank him for every moment, she remains with them on this earth.

“Thank you, King Jesus, for answering pray in an even more powerful way than if you had answered our prayer to heal his cancer. And we believe you will soon eliminate the cancer whenever you choose to bring her home,” Alcorn said.

Alcorn expressed these comforting and powerful words in a journal entry after their family reunites with Nanci, what is now a “temporary goodbye” will be followed by an “eternal reunion.”

Lola R. McClure