Edward Tyson, CEO of PerSynergy Consulting and author of From Expert to Executive, interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast.

Edward Tyson discusses his approach to engaging subject matter experts in the process of leading the development of their own standard operating procedures to structure, operate and perfect their communities of effort.

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The more time leaders spend on teamwork, the less they leave for leading. Strategy development and coordination, organizational alignment, coaching, and other critical dimensions of leadership become an afterthought. LeadershipSOPs are a revolutionary leadership methodology and framework that promotes the development of habitual systems of action (standard operating procedures) aimed at the three critical areas of leadership (structuring, functioning and perfecting communities of effort).

Tyson explained that “we bring it to life when we take action to engage others with the goal of generating their willingness and ability to collaborate. Sure, there’s an end goal – and that’s an important impetus – but goals can’t be a leader’s primary goal (otherwise the end will always justify the means). The role of the leader is to create the capacity to achieve the objective: to create the will to collaborate. At its core, leadership is a process of social organization, engagement, and transformation that cultivates effective and sustainable communities of effort.

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On Edward Tyson

Ed Tyson is the managing director of PerSynergy Consulting and the bestselling author of From Expert to Executive. He is a former strategy executive and Marine has become an executive coach and organizational consultant. As the architect of LeadershipSOPs, a revolutionary leadership framework and methodology, Ed encourages leaders to develop and deploy personal standard operating procedures to structure, operate and perfect their communities of effort. Difficult convention, this simple yet robust model promotes grounding in order to lead and engage in actual work and process before developing interpersonal skills and styles (like most development approaches), believing that those who do the opposite are likely to improve their membership, but not necessarily their leadership. In other words, Ed believes interpersonal skills can be used to improve his leadership; but they are not leadership itself.

Prior to founding PerSynergy in 2013, Ed accumulated 20 years of leadership experience in a range of military, non-profit, private and publicly traded organizations. Ed joined the United States Marine Corps at age 17 and earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Pennsylvania State University. After graduating, Ed attended Temple University while working as director of education for the Pennsylvania Health Care Association, earning a master’s degree in adult organization development. During his professional career, he has held leadership positions in process improvement and strategy development and led functional areas as diverse as spend management and corporate marketing. Since moving to outside consulting, his experience has been equally diverse, working in industries such as energy, automotive manufacturing, legal services, biotech and big tech.

A master facilitator and speaker, Ed has worked hand-in-hand with boards, executive teams, and Fortune 500, 100, and top five C-level leaders, helping solve problems ranging from leadership development to strategy and structure. He is a proven executive coach and team development expert. As an internal executive and external consultant, he has led multi-million dollar change initiatives impacting tens of thousands of people, developed strategic plans for companies of all sizes and sophistications, and completed dozens of strategic reorganizations. .

Ultimately, Ed attributes much of his success to his ability to deconstruct and simplify complex issues, to think quickly but react calmly, and to reframe even the most difficult discussions. Stylistically, he brings a unique blend of positive energy, calm intensity and humor to serious discussions that need quick resolution.

Ed was born and raised in Pennsylvania but resides in Southern California with his wife and the youngest of two sons.

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