Font in Manga Pod pauses so author can start another series

Miko Yasu’s award-winning film Font in a capsule manga is about to reach the end of its first part, and it turns out that this is the perfect opportunity for Yasu to start something new. According to an interview published on Kodansha’s Comic strip days manga, the series will be on hiatus for a while after the end of Part 1 in this year’s 29th issue of Morning magazine, and Yasu is looking to launch something completely different in the meantime.

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The author gave some clues about the new series without going into details. It’s an idea she’s been working on for three years, and even though Font in a capsuleThe protagonist of Has a Gun, this one will feature a male lead who has a sword. The series is set in Japan during a “certain historical period”, and much like Font in a capsuleYasu hopes to serialize it in Morning magazine.

The Font in a capsule The manga debuted in November 2017 and inspired a television anime series in January 2022, with Funimation streaming. Kodansha Comics publishes the manga in English and describes it as follows:

Policewoman Kawai had had enough of a career she wasn’t even that interested in and was about to hand in her recording, when the unthinkable happened: she met the new director of her post! And after spending some time with this gorgeous model, Kawai realizes that she might not be quite done being an officer after all.

We’ll have to wait for more details on Yasu’s new project, but it looks like it could be interesting!

Source: Comic strip days Going through Anime News Network


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