Golden Kamuy Author Plans To Reboot Ice Hockey Manga Next, Leaker Claims

The Golden Kamuy manga series is now over, with reports online that author Satoru Noda plans to reboot a previously canceled series.

Saying goodbye to any great manga series is tough, but especially when a series has been a regular part of your schedule for several years.

Today April 28andthe latest installment of the Golden Kamuy manga series was released worldwide, ending the series which had sold over 19 million copies worldwide.

However, new information is circulating on social media that the author of Golden Kamuy is already considering his next project, a reboot of his old manga Ice Hockey.

Golden Kamuy Manga Series Will End With Chapter 314

Unfortunately, the iconic Golden Kamuy manga series will come to the end of its publication with the release of Chapter 314 today, April 28th.and.

Speaking on the ending of the manga Golden Kamuy, the Japanese of the series Twitter The page said the “Gold Nugget Battle is over” adding that “it’s been about 8 years since I raced, and the final episode 314 is being released”.

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The series entered its final story arc last year, with the manga heading towards its finale with over 19 million copies in circulation worldwide.

However, the series has also received various awards, including winner the 9thand Manga Taisho Award in 2016, 22n/a Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Grand Prize in 2018 and was even appointed for the coveted Eisner Award for Best American Edition of an Asian Comic.

Leaker says next series is in the works

As the door slowly closes on the Golden Kamuy series, fans of the manga look to the future and what’s next for author Satoru Noda.

Noda has another series called Supinamarada serialized in Weekly Young Jump magazine, but this manga ended in 2012. Similarly, Golden Kamuy author published two one-off series, Kyoko-san’s Bad Day (2003) and The Goalie Always Faces. Before (2006).

Now popular anime and manga insider MangaMoguraRE recently claims that Noda is already working on a new title. According to the Twitter post, “‘Golden Kamuy’ creator Satoru Noda is already planning to launch a new manga series.”

The post did not detail what this new series might be, and no follow-up information was shared online by Golden Kamuy’s production team.

However, the same page would then share a second Publish the next day, April 26andclaiming that the previously deleted Supinamarada series was going to be rebooted!

This series had been critically acclaimed but had been a commercial failure in Japan with Noda stating in a 2019 interview that it had to do with a hard-to-remember title and slow-opening chapters.

If Noda’s next project is a reboot of the Supinamarada manga, the success of Golden Kamuy will surely provide a much better basis for its national publication than in 2012.

Golden Kamuy Live Action Movie Announced

April 18and2022 was revealed that the Golden Kamuy series would receive a live-action film adaptation.

Rumors of a feature film have been circulating on social media for quite some time, but the recent announcement has made waves with the global Golden Kamuy community.

“The popular work “Golden Kamuy” which represents “Weekly Young Jump”. The news of the live-action movie will be greeted by fans with surprise. At the moment, we are only announcing the “decision to make a live-action movie”, so I look forward to follow-up news such as release time and cast. – Shueishah online.

Details on the film’s production remain scarce, but fans can expect more information to be revealed over the coming weeks as fans digest Golden Kamuy’s ending.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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