How to become a famous author

BitLife allows players to pursue a variety of careers, and some of them offer characters the chance to become both rich and famous. One of those works is the author, and some fans will no doubt be interested in gaining notoriety by performing it. For players who would really like to become a famous writer in BitLifethis guide provides full details on exactly how they should do it.

BitLife: How to Become a Famous Writer

There are two goals towards which a player who wants to be a famous author should put his preliminary efforts: to win a high intelligence stat and high school graduate. These are fairly simple goals to achieve, and life sim fans who spend time reading the Mind & Body section of the Activities tab, visiting the library, and “studying harder” while studying will achieve them fairly well. easily.


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After graduating from high school, fans can consider studying English in both college and graduate school. Although becoming a famous writer does not require these degrees, they can come in handy when players are working on their literary careers. If a fan ultimately decides to pursue these opportunities for higher education, they should be sure to use them to continue increasing their intelligence stats by reading and studying diligently.

Once a player decides they have completed their schooling, they should begin to focus their attention on finding a job. Specifically, players are looking for a writer’s work, although it’s certainly not guaranteed that they’ll find one the first time they search. Indeed, it is not uncommon for it to take several years to land the corresponding job, and fans who have started a career in BitLife before will be quite familiar with this fact.

With a writer’s job earned, players now simply have to work the job until they become famous. This process may only take a few years in-game, though fans of mobile video games shouldn’t be surprised if it takes them 10 years or more to earn the designation. Fortunately, players who have reached this point have already passed the hardest part of becoming a famous author, finding the initial work, and now they just have to be patient.

Fans now have all the information they need to become a famous author, and they can start enjoying the benefits associated with fame after following the steps listed above. These perks include wealth, and players may even find their characters romantically pursued by royalty in BitLife.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS.

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