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Iowa Author Writes DNA Adventure | KCII Radio – The one to rely on

Originally from Iowa, Ellie Brooks wrote a book about a young woman’s search for her biological twin. “Amanda’s Journey A DNA Adventure” is a fictionalized story that incorporates “real life” techniques involved in genealogical research.
Brooks borrowed from his years of experience as a volunteer with the “Search Angels” organization to incorporate real-life methods into his fictional story. She shares what “Search Angels” can do for people looking for more information about their biological roots: “We can build them a tree that says: this is your mother, this is your biological father and this is their grandparents, and so you can make choices. what you choose to do.
“Amanda’s Journey A DNA Adventure” is available online where the books are sold as well as on Brooks’ website. If you would like to contact Brooks, you can contact her by clicking here. To visit the Search Angel website, click here.

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