Keep your heart from it. Houston Author Katherine Center’s ‘The Bodyguard’ Will Hit You Hard

Katherine Center, author from Houston

Photo: Skylar Reeves

“You’ll make a long list of assumptions about me…and all of them will be wrong.” Keep in mind this line from page 11 of “The Bodyguard: A Novel” for this exercise:

Imagine a bodyguard; you think of a tall, muscular man à la Ryan Gosling, don’t you? Think again: 5-foot-5 Hannah Brooks is the bodyguard protecting star actor Jack Stapleton.

And as a bonus, it takes place in our very own Houston, Texas. Best-selling author Katherine Center is a local writer.

On Katherine Center is inspired – and inspired – by famous words

After a tragic family accident, actor Jack has become a recluse and is sequestered at his home in the remote mountains of North Dakota. But back in Texas, his mother has fallen ill and Jack returns to his family’s ranch to accompany her through her recovery.

The problem is that Jack has a few stalkers, hence the need for a bodyguard. There is also tension between Jack and his older brother Hank, the ranch manager, for reasons unknown to Hannah until an explosive fight between Jack and Hank reveals everything. Oh, and Jack doesn’t want his family to know he needs a bodyguard, so he tells them that Hannah is his girlfriend.

The characters really make this book; Hannah is such an outspoken and likeable main girl, and Center portrays Jack as a really down to earth guy. Add the eccentric cast of secondary characters and you’ll have a great time.

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“The Bodyguard: A Novel”

By Katherine Center

St. Maarten Publishing Group

On Houston novelist Katherine Center tackles her toughest subject yet

This book has it all, including another romance book reference (hello, “The Unhoneymooners”); existential crises about being inherently unlovable; humor; false date; our favorite places in Houston (Katy, the Brazos River and the Museum District); and it’s kinda ridiculous – OK, a lot ridiculous. But that’s what romantic writing is for – suspending belief?

While readers tend to think of romance as light and sweet — and sometimes this one is those things, too — “The Bodyguard” also weaves in the loss of family and friends through death and betrayal, as well as the whether or not you deserve love. .

If you’re concerned about pizzazz, “The Bodyguard” will give you all the fuzzy thrills without any graphic scenes to worry about. On a spice scale of 0-10, “The Bodyguard” is a 1, with only two fade-to-black scenes near the end.

“The Bodyguard” is perfect for those craving a fun, hard-hitting romance.

Lola R. McClure