LaSalle author writes grace and gratitude

Tucked away in a small windowless office in her basement, Michele Howe loves to write. It’s a quiet place where she’s less likely to be distracted.

In 1999, Howe received her first book deal, “Going It Alone,” from a series of articles she had sold to parenting magazines. The book was based on her friends and their experiences as single mothers. She estimates that 10,000 copies of the book have been sold.

Howe worked for a small public relations firm and his boss was the public relations manager for major trucking companies across the United States. She edited his work and the magazines he produced. It was from this experience that she became interested in developing her own writing.

His inspiration for writing follows the chapters of his life. She has been a writer for nearly 40 years.

“As I go through parenthood, then empty nest seasons to grandparenting, for example, these titles all reflect what I’m going through in my life,” she said.

Using pen and paper, she often jots down book concept ideas or chapter ideas before sitting down at her computer.

“I’m a fast typist when I write but I’m not that fast when I transcribe,” she said.

Inspired by her faith, Howe estimates that it takes four months to develop and write a book. Three months to write content and another month to edit and make changes.

In 1999, Michele Howe of LaSalle received her first book deal,

“As a Christian, I know that my hope and help comes from my personal relationship with Christ,” she said. “I know the Bible is the guide for all of life’s struggles, challenges, and problems. I write to share this concrete hope with others.

Howe’s books reveal her Christian worldview and what she values ​​most in life.

“I believe authors reveal what they hold dear because they have to dedicate themselves to every article, every book that they compose,” Howe said.

The LaSalle author publishes, writes and promotes his work on a variety of social media sites, including radio and television interviews. She also writes articles for magazines as part of promotional work.

Howe said the most rewarding aspect of being an author is having a reader share with her that something she wrote helped them come closer to Christ during a desperate time in their lives.

“That’s the best thing about being a writer,” she said. “Knowing that you have come to the side of another hurting person and that your words have brought hope and help.”

For new writers, Howe recommends being persistent and not being discouraged by rejection letters or emails.

“Keep writing. Write every day. Keep a journal of ideas. Buy a writer’s market guide. Connect with other writers online,” she said. don’t give up!”

This month, Howe is releasing his latest book, “Grace & Gratitude for Everyday Life.”

“It’s about honing a grateful, thankful attitude and when we do that, everything changes. Our circumstances can be difficult, our days can be exhausting, our relationships can be difficult, but we can find joy and gratitude every day,” Howe said. “This book is both inspiring and practical as it is filled with real-life stories of how they encountered and overcame life’s obstacles.”

Howe’s latest book,“Grace & Gratitude for Everyday Life” is available on Amazon in paperbacks and Kindle.

Lola R. McClure