Legendary author Alan Moore wants to make better writers in online course trailer

Alan Moore believes books and writing can “alter human consciousness”, and he’s sharing his expertise in an upcoming BBC Maestro course.

Alan Moore wants to build a better world through writing, and he’s sharing his knowledge through a new online course. Maestro

CBR has an exclusive first look at a new trailer for BBC Maestro Narration course, which gives writers the rare opportunity to learn industry tips directly from Moore. “Anyone can write,” Moore explained. “It is not a divine calling that applies only to a few particular individuals…Books and writing are capable of changing the whole world, of altering human consciousness.”

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by Moore Narration offers 33 lessons and lasts six hours. The course is divided into six parts – Origins, Language, History, Cast and Setting, A Variety of Forms, and Progressive Writing – and delves into Moore’s personal techniques for organizing plot rhythms, writing specifically for the medium of comics and read analytically. . The full course will launch on March 24, and it’s currently available for pre-order for $90.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Moore drops several thoughts on what course participants can expect. As for world-building, Moore calls it a “divine experience”, where “every interaction is entirely created by you”. As for the characters, Moore says to “treat them like they’re your friends, even if unfortunately they’re friends you sometimes have to kill.” And when it comes to writing comics, asking great questions about licensed characters is key — no matter how silly those questions might sound. “When I started the Swamp Thing series, one of the first questions I asked the comic company [was]…”What swamp is the thing from?” “Moore said.

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The Swamp Thing Saga marked Moore’s major entry into mainstream superhero comics. Once on the verge of cancellation, the book was revitalized in 1984 by Moore’s issue 21, which revealed that Swamp Thing was not a transformed version of deceased scientist Alec Holland, as subsequent readers had assumed. the title. Rather, the mud-encrusted monster was vegetation that had come to consciousness and taken on the identity of Holland, and later issues in Moore’s run would reveal that the Swamp Thing was an avatar of green, the primordial force of nature in the DC Universe.

Moore’s transformative evolution of Swamp Thing was just one of many landmark comics he penned for DC. Batman: The Killing Joke, watchmen and V for Vendetta all sprang from Moore’s imagination, and he would also work for other companies, writing characters like Miracleman and Spawn.

Besides superheroes, Moore has written an extensive collection of stories over his 40-year career, ranging from From hell — a Jack the Ripper graphic novel — at Jerusalem, a 1,266-page prose novel about his hometown of Northampton, England. “You have to remember that a writer can change the world,” Moore said. “Think of the books that completely changed human history. Think of yourself that way. Because if you’re a writer, you have an effect on human history. And on the entirety of human future.”

Narration is available March 24 on BBC Maestro.

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