Marshall author releases fantastic new book

MARSHALL, Mich. — A Marshall author has released a new book, which is set to be the first installment in a fantastic new series. J. Gabriel Gates’ Girl of Hearts: Luck Gods Series Book 1 was released on June 22.

The book follows Detroit high school student Aggie, who is described as a “scientist” with OCD. In the story, Aggie is in search of her missing mother. She later meets Jack Valentine, a young man with strange powers. Aggie then realizes that Jack may have something to do with her mother’s disappearance, along with her fellow lucky gods. Valentines and Diamantes control luck, while Blackovers and Morbus control bad luck. To save her mother, Aggie must become a Valentine and learn to control her luck powers.

heart girl is Gates’ sixth published novel. His other work includes 2012 blood zero sky2011 Sleepwalkersand the Trilogy of tracks which he co-wrote with Charlene Keel. heart girl is also the first book published by Gates in 10 years. “It’s been a pretty whirlwind decade,” Gates said. “But in fact, I never stopped writing. The disconnect was about finding the right path to share my work with the public. »

In addition to being an author, Gates is also the executive director of the Franke Center for the Arts at Marshall. He previously taught writing at Olivet College and Kellogg Community College. Gates holds a master’s degree in writing from Spalding University. Earlier this year, he launched his own independent publishing house: Steed Publishing and Media, LLC. “There are so many tools to create books and share them with readers now that just didn’t exist before,” Gates said. “It’s an incredible time to publish books.”

Girl of Hearts: Luck Gods Series Book 1 is currently available for purchase at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The next episode of the series, mother of spadesis scheduled for July 27.

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Lola R. McClure