Meet Narindwa, author of Her is My Name

By Salomé Grégory

December 4, 2021 was an exciting day for Narindwa Matikanya and her family. That day, the 15-year-old student from Braeburn International School Arusha launched her book called Her Is My Name.

Narindwa says her passion for writing started during a class assignment. The task was to write about the inspiring female figures in his life. This is where the journey of writing her book, Her is My Name, began.

“While writing the book, I was thinking about different women and what they do in their jobs. So the book mentioned a number of female icons and how they influence me to be the woman I want, ”Narindwa explains.

Her book also explains how young Tanzanian girls can learn and benefit from what these women are doing.

“Her is My Name started with some important women in my life. These women are my mother, Nankali Maksudi and my grandmother, Nancy Maksudi. These women inspired my idea, which went further to evolve into a complete book , which mentions eight other women, ”adds Narindwa.

Some of the women featured in her book include global icons like former US First Lady Michelle Obama and Tanzanian Rebecca Gyumi, who is a girls’ rights activist.


According to Narindwa, part of the money generated from the sale of books will be used to support girls’ education. The aim is to help girls from poor families to live their dreams and access education.

“I realized that there are a large number of young girls who lack basic needs and need support. I hope the book will educate, inspire and empower young girls in Tanzania and beyond, ”said Narindwa.

Her mother, Nankali calls on parents to support their children’s dreams.

“Children have a lot of potential. Parents need to be there and guide them to make sure no talent is left behind. Parents should also not dictate their children’s careers or talents. It kills a lot of dreams that are likely to shine in the future, ”says Nankali.

Her grandmother, Nancy Maksudi, says Narindwa’s writing journey has been possible and easy thanks to the support she received from her school as well as from her family. She says a good start at a young age is a good sign of a shining star. She promises to continue supporting Narindwa’s dreams.

Lola R. McClure