Meghan Markle allegedly ‘trampled’ people to get to the top, author claims

Before marrying into the royal family in 2018, Meghan Markle was an actress on a hit TV show. However, before getting to that point, Meghan spent years trying to make it big in Hollywood. According to a royal author, the current Duchess of Sussex even ‘trampled’ some people to get to where she is today.

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Meghan Markle’s success story

Meghan grew up in Southern California in a middle-class family. Her father, Thomas Markle, was a lighting director on shows such as general hospital and Married with children. She often visited her father on the set of these series, which, as she later shared, inspired her to become an actress.

After graduating from Northwestern University in 2003, Meghan decided to pursue her acting career. She landed small roles on shows such as general hospital and CSI: NY as well as the movie Very similar to love. Her most notable role at the time was being a briefcase model for over 30 episodes of Agree or disagree.

In 2011, Meghan got her big break as a series regular on Suit. She was on the show for seven seasons.

Meghan became even more famous when she married Prince Harry in 2018. She then left her acting career to live in the UK as a full-time royal. In 2020, Meghan and Harry stepped down as senior royals and moved to California, but the couple still attract a lot of attention around the world and often use their popularity to champion causes close to their hearts. .

Meghan Markle allegedly ‘trampled’ people to get to the top, author claims

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Meghan has come a long way from when she had small TV and film roles. However, according to author Tom Bower, the Duchess left a trail of people she strode to reach the top.

Bower recently appeared on UK News to talk about a book he’s working on about Meghan. He explained (via Daily mail), “It’s a story, an untold story. I’ve discovered things that are really quite extraordinary about him. And I think the public perception of him will either be confirmed, or outraged, or in in any case, it will be a big surprise.

“It turned out to be… very, very difficult work because people were quite reluctant to talk and she and her lawyers had done a very good job of keeping people quiet, but I got through it. [to] enough,” Bower alleged. “And it’s a great story. It’s an amazing story of a woman who came from nothing and is now a global figure and has trampled all those others down the path that’s classic for the kind of people I always choose, be it a politician or a tycoon.

He added: “The victims want to talk and they have spoken. And it’s a really gripping story.

Meghan Markle’s childhood friend accused the Duchess of similar things

This isn’t the first time someone has accused Meghan of abusing people. Even her former best friend, Ninaki “Nikki” Priddy, who knew Meghan from the age of 2 until adulthood, alleged that Meghan “developed a sense of entitlement” after coming to the attention of her role on Suit.

“Even in the second season of Suits, she refused to have lunch with us because she said she would be recognized,” Priddy shared. “I felt that if I questioned his behavior, I would be left out. Sometimes the truth isn’t always what you want, is it?”

Meghan has not publicly commented on these accusations.

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