Millionaire mentor and author Keenan Williams publishes a new

Author Keenan Williams became a self-made millionaire with just $300 using all the methods described inside this book. Williams started from humble beginnings, working around the clock to make ends meet. Williams has a very inspiring story that can serve as motivation for all of us.

Prior to entrepreneurship, Williams worked 24/7, working to support her newborn daughter. In grade 11, Keenan dropped out of high school and took two full-time jobs to support his family. One day, Williams received a phone call from her sister who told her that her mother had had a stroke. Williams told his manager about it and asked to leave work early so he could go be with his mother.

His manager replied, “No, it’s Saturday. Go back there and sell shoes.”

After that day, Keenan quit and never looked back. In August 2018, Williams launched her skincare brand, Ko Elixir from her apartment. At first it was a bit dodgy as he had trouble trusting himself and his decisions.

After developing a tactical marketing plan and receiving positive customer feedback, 6 months later, Keenan Williams has become a huge success. Since its launch, Ko Elixir has enjoyed impressive success. However, the path to entrepreneurship was not easy for Williams. Due to his very impressive success, Williams started a monthly program to teach members the step-by-step process he used in business and marketing. Williams is the author of Money is Not Your Landlord, Money is Your Roommate, and he wants to help the world put money where it belongs.

Williams has had a lot of trouble standing where he is today. He put his knowledge to good use and built a business from scratch. He accumulated
knowledge from every place he worked and then applied the knowledge to become a millionaire. It is apparent from the life of Keenan Williams that you can
achieve anything if you are determined and willing to work smart.

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Lola R. McClure