Multi-Emmy Award-winning poet, author and spoken word host Boris “Bluz” Rogers publishes Hip Hop Haiku – a coffee table book that fuses original artwork and poetry commemorating hip-hop culture

Published in collaboration with One Crown Entertainment, the visually stunning book highlights the leading innovators in the world of contemporary hip-hop

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina and NEW YORK, NY – January 25, 2022 – As a genre, culture and way of life, hip hop is nearly 50 years old and once considered a passing fad, it is now the barometer of pop culture around the world. Hip-hop’s colorful history is not lost on famed spoken word poet Boris “Bluz” Rogers who, in his new book, haiku hip hop, delivers a bold and touching ode to hip hop. Released under the publishing arm of One Crown Entertainment (record label and entertainment company), haiku hip hop is an insightful work of creative expression about the cultural impact and collective power of hip hop.

Written as a series of haiku accompanied by artwork, Rogers was able to pay tribute to key people who were instrumental in both promoting the culture and introducing hip hop to a larger audience. wide covering the whole world. There are tributes to everyone from The Notorious BIG and Fat Joe to Nipsey Hussle and the Wu-Tang Clan. Each haiku is accompanied by original artwork by visual artists whom Rogers has hand-picked for their unique eye and considerable creative flair. The cover of the book was designed by Makayla Binter. Other featured artists include Wolly Vinyl, Deneer Davis, Marcus Kiser, and Tony Wavy.

The idea for haiku hip hop was based on Rogers’ participation in the National Poetry Month Writing Challenge, held annually in April, where people are challenged to write one poem per day for the entire month. In an effort to do something a little different from the norm, Rogers decided to use his love for hip hop to creatively challenge himself. As a fan of hip hop, Rogers took the opportunity to celebrate the culture in a poetic form. The haiku is a three-line poem, with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third line. Applying haiku to hip hop, Rogers wrote culture-focused poems about fashion, language, artists, DJs, and more. This book is characterized by colorful and vibrant words and artwork created by artists who live, work and thrive in Hip Hop culture.

haiku hip hop is not just a book of poetry and art,” Rogers explained. “It’s an ode to Hip Hop and its cultural influence, meaning and effect on the world.”

haiku hip hop is guaranteed to be a treasured collector’s item for years to come. It is available for purchase at Amazon or via Several Hip Hop Haiku items are also available in the One Crown Fire NFT Collection for purchase at OpenSea, an NFT marketplace.

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About Boris Bluzroger

Boris “Bluz” Rogers, who currently resides in Charlotte, NC, has risen through the ranks of spoken word entertainment. He is a multiple Emmy Award winner, director of creative engagement for Blumenthal Performing Arts, and master of slam and coach of SlamCharlotte, the competitive team of poets with whom he won back-to-back National Poetry Slam victories in 2007, 2008 and a third historic win in 2018. A published author and recording artist, Bluz’s poetry is universal and dismantles social, economic and ethnic barriers reaching to the heart of the community of which he is an active member. Bluz has previously written two books of poetry (Articulate Slang, then Tamir – poetry written to the late Tamir Rice that shares snapshots of life that have unfolded since his tragic death). A famous event host and emcee, Bluz has also released three CDs and a mixtape and performed across the country.

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