Neil Gaiman, author of ‘The Sandman’, visits Maine

As summer winds and the tourist season slow in Maine, celebrity sightings across Vacationland are also likely to decline. Maine has again been popular this year among actors and sports stars, with visits from the likes of Brett Favre to star actor Steve Carell. Another big name in the comics world visited the Pine Tree State recently, as author Neil Gaiman shared some details about his trip to Maine on Facebook.

Gaiman said he was traveling to Maine to attend a wedding and decided to make it an adventure by visiting a few other places in the state as well. This included the infamous Nervous Nellie’s Jams and Jellies, an eclectic little shop in Deer Isle, Maine. Maybe it’s Gaiman’s way of letting fans know which part of Maine he was visiting.

Gaiman is no stranger to New England, however. While most of his time seems to be spent in Wisconsin, Gaiman has also had a residence in Cambridge, Massachusetts since 2013. Perhaps Gaiman used his time in New England to create some of his novels and comics, including the ever-popular ‘The Sandman’, which is now a viral hit on Netflix.

Before ‘The Sandman’ rose to fame on the streaming giant, it was a critically acclaimed comic book series that followed the trials and tribulations of Morpheus aka Dream, who escapes a century-long imprisonment and finds himself embarks on a journey to restore his kingdom. Gaiman’s work on the comic book earned him a spot on the New York Times bestseller list, a rarity for comic books.

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