Newburgh, NY Author posts political commentary

The Corporate Conspiracy: Restructure on Inauguration Day, a new book by AJ Fitzherbert Williams, has been published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Corporate conspiracy tackles deviant alliances and conspiracies within corporations. Author AJ Fitzherbert Williams’ own experiences prompted him to share these atrocities with the world so that more people are aware of the undercurrents that so often dictate clandestine happenings within these institutions.

About the Author
AJ Fitzherbert Williams is an African-Grenadian who immigrated to the United States at the age of nineteen with his mother and three siblings in Brooklyn, New York. Initially, the transition was difficult, and while assimilating to life in New York, he had considered studying medicine. However, he was discouraged by the exorbitant costs of education and the lack of financial support, especially since he was raised in a single parent family. Instead, he persevered through challenges and strived for other career avenues, where he found his calling in blood and blood banking, specializing in apheresis.

He was independent, eager to learn, conscientious and motivated. He quickly made his mark within the organization by excelling in specialization and was actively pursued by other organizations that yearned for his expertise within their institutions. Within six years, Williams had earned an undergraduate degree while working full time and progressed into management.

With such motivation and insufficient room for expansion and expression, AJ Fitzherbert Williams embarked on a journey where he could exhibit his skills. He was considered the subject matter expert of the new institution and facilitated their placement among progressive medical institutions. Although he gave visibility to their institution and made them profitable in their quest for self-sufficiency, he recognized the inherent constraints exerted by the administration to restrict its advancement. However, AJ Fitzherbert Williams never allowed obstacles to hinder his rise. Instead, he viewed them as the impetus of his motivation and persevered towards his desired goals.

The Corporate Conspiracy is a 160-page paperback retail price of $14.00 (eBook $9.00). The ISBN is 978-1-6495-7294-3. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For members of the press, to request a review copy, visit our virtual press room at or to purchase the book, visit our online bookstore at https:/ / /the-corporate-conspiracy/

Lola R. McClure