Nukunu Author Jared Thomas Talks About a Novel Coming Soon | The recorder

An award-winning author from Nukunu is set to publish a new book at the end of the month.

Jared Thomas, author of Summer Calypso and Songs that sound like bloodannounced the publication date of his latest novel.

The new book, my spare heart, follows the story of seventeen-year-old Phoebe, who faces serious challenges when she becomes estranged from her old friends and her town.

Mr Thomas said the book is for everyone, but especially young people who are affected by someone in their life suffering from alcoholism.

“This book is also for adults who have been through something similar because they still have a lot to remember,” he said.

“With the book, I don’t focus so much on the drinker in the story, but on Phoebe, the central character, and the people around her.”

Mr Thomas said he hopes the book will demonstrate how widespread the problem of alcoholism is and how it affects society as a whole.

He said the book also explores the importance of physical activity in the face of pressure, anxiety and stress.

Mr Thomas said he understands that young people face many challenges and pressures such as school, work, college and broken marriages, and manages to incorporate these into the book.

“Exercise and sport can be a way to get through these things,” he said.

He said my reserve heart differs from previous books he wrote as the main character, Phoebe, is an Aboriginal child living in the town and is portrayed as a contemporary modern child.

“Some of my other characters aren’t as grounded,” he said.

“Phoebe is a middle-class kid whereas in the past my characters have come from more difficult backgrounds.”

His advice to those interested in writing was to write about something they are passionate about and adopt a regular writing pattern.

“It’s all about consistency,” he said.

my spare heart will be available from Tuesday, May 31.

Lola R. McClure