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“Tangled Lives” is the ninth book written by Stephen Hupp of Parkersburg. The story is about Amy Clark, who mysteriously begins to take on the identity of another person, Nicole Silsbury, a woman of questionable character. (Picture provided)

PARKERSBURG — A Parkersburg writer has written his ninth book.

“Tangled Lives” by Stephen Hupp is a story about Amy Clark who, in some mysterious way, has the identity of another person, Nicole Silsbury, a woman of questionable character, forced upon her.

“I got the idea from a movie I saw recently,” Hupp said.

The movie was “Seconds”, which starred Rock Hudson and was directed by John Frankenheimer, the director of “The Manchu Candidate” “Seven Days in May” “Black Sunday” and “Robin”. In “Seconds”, a disillusioned banker with his life changes his physical appearance and identity and becomes a new person played by Hudson.

“It’s a good thriller” Hupp said.

Parkersburg writer Stephen Hupp and his ninth novel, “Tangled Lives.” The book is about a woman who, in a mysterious way, unwittingly assumes the identity of another woman. (Photo by Jess Mancini)

The difference between “Tangled Lives” and “Seconds” does Amy become Nicole not of her own free will.

“In my book, it’s involuntary”, Hupp said.

Amy leads a routine and anonymous life who manages to get by working in a hotel in a big city. She begins to receive messages intended for Nicole and over time, Amy’s bills and other personal documents bear Nicole’s name from that woman.

Her friends and colleagues call her Nikki. Amy assumes the identity of Nicole, but discovers that Nicole has a checkered past.

Amy must now adjust to a new life and deal with a variety of unfamiliar people while trying to figure out how and why this is happening.

The book is published by Hilltop Publishing, Hupp’s company, through Amazon. “Tangled Lives” will be available on in print and electronic versions.

The book is Hupp’s ninth. Others in his resume include “The Tsar of Wheeling”, “Wings in the Night” and “Thirteen months.”

Number 10 will be a retelling of the story of Faust, who sells his soul to the devil for worldly pleasures, Hupp said. Faust is transported to hell when the devil calls to collect the debt.

“I hope it will be done by the New Year”, Hupp said.

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