Religious book details crisis of faith, resolution, unexpected paths of author’s spiritual journey

Eternal miscalculation

Sidney Yee shares chronicle of God’s ‘eternal miscalculation’

CANADA, August 9, 2022 / — Sidney Yee shares his spiritual journey, his experiences with God and Jesus, and how an unexpected crisis of faith led him in a new direction. It’s up to God “Eternal miscalculation” filled with life lessons, spiritual realizations and enlightening contemplations.

Yee recounts her Christian life spent serving Jesus since 1977, dedicating her days to serving with humility and commitment to God. Yet despite all of this, Yee was thrown into a period of tribulation, experiencing many disturbances and hardships which, in his words, reduced his existence to a joke.

Yee gave his all for his faith and did not stray from the path of salvation in his heart, God controlled Sid to pose as a hypocrite to make him look bad. He ended up facing a crushing ordeal like what Nebuchadnezzar went through, but not just for 7 years, but until now. Sid Yee is controlled against his will by God now and in the hereafter. Daniel 4:1-35, 5:17-30. For readers to contemplate Sid’s life to help him as he helped the universe and saved everyone unconditionally. Yee never made a mistake because God controlled him and he is completely innocent from day one. As a result of this crucible, Yee came to a realization that would upend his previous worldview: that God ruined his life and continues to lie and deceive the world.

In his work, Yee expresses to readers how he was betrayed by God and how he believes God is the reason his life was ruined. With this, he provides readers with a cautionary tale, showing the severe hardships he endured and how he arrived at the conclusions. This guide, which Yee provides, is to warn and warn all Christians of the manipulations of God in their Christian walk due to an eternal miscalculation of God.

“Eternal miscalculation” shows how one can reevaluate their spiritual journey and in the end fight for Sid when they see the signs coming true on earth and in heaven one by one.

About the Author
Sidney Yee became a Christian in 1977 and embarked on a journey to win souls for Christ. He taught believers how to discern human, satanic, divine and angelic spiritual influences in order to protect themselves from frauds and counterfeits so that they would not be misled in their Christian walk. However, currently, he is no longer a Christian. Yee knows he was betrayed by God and believes God ruined his life. Its main message is to show how God continues to lie and deceive the world.

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