Rogue Squadron writer clarifies his involvement in the film

After the sequel trilogy’s disappointing finale, star wars took a break from the big screen to focus on Disney Plus shows. He will return in style with Star Wars: Rogue Squadron from wonder woman director Patty Jenkins, which focuses on a “new generation of starfighter pilots” in a “high-speed thrill ride.”

The logo indicates that the story will be set in the sequel trilogy era, but other than that, other details are under wraps. However, for a long time star wars fans will know that there have already been many Thieves Squadron stories, starting with the much-loved 1996 novel X-Wing: Rogue Squadron by Michael Stackpole.

Twitter user @Jedi4Liberty was recently talked about an article about meeting Stackpole at a convention, where he said the author “assured me that Patty Jenkins had been in touch with him from the start.” This now appears to be incorrect, like Stackpole clarified on the ATGCast podcast:

I know the tweet said she consulted with me. No no no. And, as if she needed to talk to me? Holy shit. I think she knows her way around a movie. Again, in the things she said publicly about the story, she was very kind in checking my name and referring to the books and I can’t thank her enough for doing that. But, from now on, I only know what you know

Thieves Squadron is still officially scheduled for December 22, 2023, though recent reports indicate there’s been some kind of behind-the-scenes disagreement that will likely cause a delay. It’s far from unusual with star wars productions, and it’s telling that we still don’t have any casting news or confirmation of when he will hit the cameras.

If Lucasfilm was still aiming for a December 2023 release, Thieves Squadron should be firing now or imminently. There is consensus that we will receive an official update on Star Wars Day, May 4, with the project likely moving to summer 2024.

If so, that means it will be five long years since a star wars The movie was in theaters, though the many upcoming Disney Plus shows will keep the franchise’s flag flying.

Safer Star Wars: Rogue Squadron as we hear it.

Lola R. McClure