Six-year-old author publishes book amid Covid-19

Ellie, a student at Carderock Springs Elementary School, Potomac, Maryland, is no less of a phenomenon than her job. After pouring her love to paper in the form of a true-sounding story with innocent truth, she offered readers of all ages a chance to look at the world the way she does. Her love for nature blossomed when she had to travel more often to the countryside due to the pandemic, and her memories with the friends she made at school shine through in her work. .

What is the book about

the Book is an inspirational story about two friends, Leaf Gurl and Blueberry, who transform into trees before returning to normal at the end of the story.

This beautiful piece explores abstract concepts of imagination and friendship through the eyes of a small child.

Playing in magical trees and plants – there is no end to this work’s endearing storytelling, displaying a loving and playful approach to the natural world. Although simple, it is far from simply “childish”. This simple story contains many topics that adult readers should think about – the importance of unity and love for fellow humans and nature.

The impact of the coronavirus has been vast and terrible, so it’s hard to believe that anything kind can come out of it. However, “The Leaf Gurl” proves otherwise, and that sometimes the darkest times give us the chance to contemplate what really matters.

Due to school closures, Ellie cared for the wonders of nature and these are the memories she chose to cherish in her book forever.

How the work was recognized

Ellie’s work has received accolades from publishers around the world. “We are always impressed when someone so young has the creativity and initiative to create their books and stories.

We hope Ellie will continue to read, write and draw,” is what a San Diego-based editor has to say about the young author. Publishers based in New York and Oxford have similar points to make, calling the book “imaginative” and “impressive”.

The accomplishments of “The Leaf Gurl” don’t stop there. It has also been adapted into a playful short animation, neat and unique in its style, and narrated by the author herself.

The animation was as marvelous as the original book, proving its merit by winning Best Animated Short Film at the Phare International Film Festival, 2021, Mauritius. Moreover, it was highly appreciated by the juries of many film festivals between 2021 and 2022, recognized for its excellent narrative and cinematic expertise. These festivals include Alder International Short Film Festival, Fresh International Film Festival, First-Time Filmmaker Sessions by Lift-Off Global Network and Kalakari Film Fest in the United States, Ireland and India respectively.

Ellie’s other achievements

Already a member of the Mensa Society, Ellie has continued to achieve feats that amaze us again and again – and we don’t think she has any intention of stopping either!

After the publication of “The Leaf Gurl”, the young author worked on two other books: “I Am Coming Home! and “Leo the goat”. With completely different plots from each other, Ellie once again proved her original imagination. “I’m going home!” is by far the simplest story of his publications. The theme of the book revolves around a day in the life of a little girl, and the use of notions of time is particularly useful for young children to familiarize themselves with the concept of time in real life.

In the second book, “Leo The Goat”, Ellie displays the charm of her intricate creative skills at their best. The story is more complicated than the first, made up of highly imaginative characters and amazing situations for a six-year-old to conceive.

Focusing on a goat sculpture that is actually a living goat, this story is another form of appreciation for our nature, like “The Leaf Gurl”. Where the latter expressed his love for all things flora, “Léo le bouc” shows an endearing penchant for animals. Both books, “I’m Coming Home!” and “Leo the Goat”, were illustrated with Ellie’s vision in mind, the simple and fun style, designed to be quirky and appealing to children around the world.

What’s next for the child perpetrator

Although still a very young girl, Ellie has accomplished remarkable feats with the support of her family. She was blessed with being at one with nature, and she saw what many realize too late – or forget when they reach the stresses of adulthood – that our true motivation should always be acts of compassion and unity with all around us. .

Even her dreams are a refreshing change from what most people would usually hear; she wants to help balance the natural ecosystem by taking care of flora and fauna and planting as many trees as possible.

It’s an undeniable feat to publish one book – but three, and all at an age when it’s all fun and games, that’s quite extraordinary! Ellie proved that there is so much hidden sensitivity in a child’s mind, and by putting her heart to paper she wrote and drew things that would inspire anyone to stop and contemplate at what the pandemic looks like through the eyes of a toddler. Ellie’s story as a young author inspires us all, adults and children of all ages, as much as the books she so lovingly published. We can only applaud his accomplishments and wish him the best in his future which already looks so beautiful and bright.

Lola R. McClure