Soham-based author’s transformational story explored in new book

Personal transformation coach Caz Landon wrote about her journey from business executive to life coach in There She Shines, Volume IIIa new collection of inspiring and empowering stories of women around the world in pursuit of their dreams, purpose and potential.

Caz Landon, personal transformation coach, with ‘There She Glows: Vol III’. Photo: Keith Hepell

Caz, who had worked at HP Autonomy and Cambridge University International Exams (where she was Head of International Marketing), left her corporate lifestyle to embark on a global spiritual pilgrimage to “reclaim her power and to embark on a mission of a lifetime”.

In There she shines she explores how she started her business, Soul Searcherz, which offers sessions and classes to “release stress, nurture self-love and self-care, set healthy boundaries, transcend limiting beliefs, build confidence, overcome fear, cultivate positive behavioral qualities, tune into intuition and the higher self, and find what is joyful and meaningful.”

Caz is a master of energy alchemy and an intuitive life coach, recognized by the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M), as well as a qualified meditation teacher and reiki master. Based in Soham, she is one of 12 contributors to the new collection of inspiring and empowering stories of women around the world chasing their dreams, purpose and potential.

After leaving the corporate sector, she embarked on a global pilgrimage – described in the book – to discover how other cultures celebrate and develop wisdom and well-being. Along the way, she experienced cactus ceremonies at retreats with shamans in the Amazon jungle and joined meditation and yoga retreats in New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand and India. She writes about the lessons learned in the book and how those lessons can be helpful to others.


She also visited many sacred sites, listened to the discourses of the 14th Dalai Lama at his home in the Himalayas, meditated under the famous Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya where Buddha attained enlightenment, and along the way “deepened his practice spirituality and his connection with his superior”. herself and prepared herself more fully to support other soul seekers on their own journeys of transformation and growth.”

She shares with readers what she has learned over decades of introspection, of facing her fears, developing her courage, overcoming her doubts and personal transformation.

Caz said: “I am thrilled to be a part of this collaborative book and so excited that it has achieved Amazon’s Best Seller in nine categories including Inspirational Spirituality, Personal Transformation, The Psychology of Creativity and engineering, as well as business development and entrepreneurship.

“I am honored to have collaborated with such incredible women around the world. I hope that my story and that of the other inspiring women with whom I have co-authored this book will inspire individuals to unlock their unique and limitless potential in order to to live the life of their dreams.

The 12 co-authors were brought together by Lucy Crane and Stacey Knight-Jones who are leaders of the Glow Society, a life coach certification and training company.

There She Shines: Vol III is priced at £9.99. The Soul Searcherz community can be found on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, with classes and sessions taking place regularly.

Lola R. McClure