St Albans author publishes guide for football mums

12:00 18 July 2022

12:32 18 July 2022

Are you a football mum confused about the offside rule, what your child needs in their kit bag, or the meaning of phrases like “top bins”? A St Albans author has all the answers.

Tania Young’s new book, Top Tips for Football Mums & Great Sideline Chat, is packed with everything a football mom needs to know to steer him down the sidelines.

From eliminating the jargon to the golden rules of soccer chat with mum, this book is a one stop shop to help you impress other soccer parents and be a super mum to your soccer kid at the same time!

Tania’s eldest son Harvey played for Harvesters FC for over 10 years, starting in the U8 side, but he also played with St Albans City Youth and Sandridge men’s side, while his older young Charlie also played with the Harvesters from an early age, and after a spell with Colney Heath and Kings Langley is back at the club for his U18 stint.

She explained how she came to write the book: “I sorted through kits for teams, gifts from managers, volunteered on pitch days, painted more footballs on faces than you can imagine and picked up litter at festivals and tournaments.

“But I’m still there on the sidelines with a lot of mums, and we talk about a lot of nonsense, most of it non-football, and when something crucial happens, we don’t know who scored, who got it. hurt or what car That was the inspiration for the book initially, to capture all of our conversations on the sidelines – but it morphed from there into a handy pocket guide to directing it to the sidelines.

“After some research I found that there are no books available for football mums. Tons for coaches, managers, fans, famous footballers, kids activity books, but nothing for the mums…and we’re (usually) the ones who make sure they get to training, their gear is clean, take them shoe shopping, throw football themed parties… . the list is long !”

She added: “With the new season starting in grassroots football, this is a super handy guide for all young football mums across the UK!”

Top Tips for Football Mums & Great Sideline Chat is available at all the usual outlets including Amazonand eventually Raindrops on Roses, The Deli on Verulam and Abbey News.

Lola R. McClure