The author celebrates the release of “Flowers A Love Story”

Billie Jo Brito, left, owner of Blais Flowers, Jack Flowers, center, author, and Jeff Richardson, right, CSR of Penmor Lithographers. Photo submitted

Longtime Auburn resident Jack Flowers announces the publication of his latest book, “Flowers A Love Story.” Flowers, author of “Rat Six,” her novel based on her experiences as a tunnel rat in Vietnam, says there has never been a novel like this written before.

Local florist Billie Jo Brito, owner of Blais Flowers, will offer the book for sale just in time for Valentine’s Day. “It’s a great story and a perfect gift to accompany a bouquet of roses for someone special.” Jeff Richardson of Penmor Lithographers, who printed ‘Flowers A Love Story’, commented: “We print a lot of books, but we’ve never seen a more colorful presentation of content and we’re proud to have been part of the process to bring it to life.”

Flowers A love story Photo submitted

The book is an illustrated epistolary novel told in florist receipts. The story follows the lives of two people, a girl born in Boston in 1935 and a boy born six years later in Saint Louis in 1941. There is no narration. It follows their lives for the next 40 years. Each receipt provides clues. The dates are very important because the reader puts the story in chronological order. Illustrations complete the events represented by the various receipts.

The two characters lead separate but extraordinary lives over the next forty years. You can imagine what happens and how their lives are affected by the emotions and historical events of the time. From the Depression to World War II, the election of John Kennedy to the tragedy of his death and that of his brother Bobby, all overshadowed by the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War. The thoughts and emotions of the two characters are expressed through the sending and receiving of flowers. Love and loss, elation and grief are all expressed throughout the story.

Copies of the book are available from Blais Flowers in Lewiston or from the author at “It seems that I only write books about love and war. “Rat Six” was a poignant story about my experiences as the leader of the Tunnel Rats 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam while “Flowers A Love Story” is a romantic story with a much happier ending.

Photo caption: Book cover. From left to right: Billie Jo Brito owner of Blais Flowers, Jack Flowers author and Jeff Richardson CSR of Penmor Lithographers.

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