The author instructs entrepreneurs on good business models, integrity

Funmi Ogundare

The Principal/Head Coach of Oak Business School (Monotechnic), Dr. Lance Musa Elakama advised entrepreneurs who intend to venture into bigger ventures to design patterns and integrity that would make it easier for them .

Elakama, who made this known over the weekend at the launch of his books titled “Starting and Growing Your Own Business”, “Basic Rules for the Journey of Life”, “Principles of Practice Management “, held in Lagos, said there was no way one could run a successful business just by having money, but bankable ideas.

According to him, “you must first have ideas, because ideas govern the world. It’s not money that makes you do business; you have to have the bankable ideas to do the trick. You must have high integrity, which is also very important.

He said he was inspired to write the books to give knowledge back to society, adding that the books also aim to provide a conceptual framework in which the dream of entrepreneurship can come true.

“In this regard, all the legal, accounting and administrative requirements required to successfully run private businesses have been carefully highlighted to help those who intend to start their own business,” Elakama said.

He noted that the books will be a practical guide for undergraduate and graduate students in management, economics, accounting, entrepreneurial studies and other social sciences and for students pursuing MBA studies and higher degrees at universities.

The head coach added that the books will also be of great value to those who are already running their own business, as it will help them sharpen their rough edges and make their businesses more successful by applying practical principles of professional management.

He expressed his optimism that this will serve as an impetus and catalyst for potential young entrepreneurs and, by extension, increase economic growth and prosperity in Nigeria and the developing world.

“The government can no longer give jobs to everyone, it is not possible. Every year, people who live in the school roam the streets, so you have to start your own small business, so if you employ someone, you get people off the streets. Commercial enterprise is therefore the way to stimulate the economy through private initiatives and sometimes through public-private partnerships (PPP). You cannot rely on the government forever.

In his remarks, a former Dean of the Faculty of Law at Lagos State University (LASU), Professor Mike Ihariale described the author as a voracious reader who has devoted so much time to scholarship and has now joins the community of people who use their pen for human progress.

Chief pitcher Prof Madaki said now is the time for us to start recognizing intellectual prowess, adding that books are lasting legacies and assets.

Lola R. McClure