The author will talk online about how to make peace

PORT TOWNSEND — In a free online lecture on Thursday evening, author Barbe Chambliss will talk about the many ways to make peace — in the world, in the community, in one’s life.

“Women Peacemakers: What We Can Learn from Them” is Chambliss’ book, the subject of her program at 7 p.m. Thursday via the Port Townsend Library website,

Chambliss, a professional mediator, psychotherapist and organic farmer from Colorado, will answer questions during the live-streamed event. To access the presentation directly, go to and enter meeting ID 82722811297 and password 469468.

For her book, Chambliss had intimate conversations with 15 women about how they make peace. Those interviewed include an Israeli soldier, an Irish nun, a paralyzed Olympic skier and a Zimbabwean orphan.

“Women Peacemakers” is a kind of guide to “conscious peacemakers,” Chambliss said. She zigzagged around the world, “to interview a group of volunteer peacemakers where they live.”

Chambliss, who published her book in 2020, served as director of the Volunteer Center for Conflict Resolution in Aspen, Colorado. She has taught mediation to over 500 children and adults in rural Colorado schools, and in her own community, she facilitates restorative restoration. judicial circles.

It was his doctorate. dissertation, “Contemporary Women Peacemakers: The Hidden Side of Peacemaking,” which sparked two decades of interviews – with more than 50 women around the world – about the inner workings of how peace is made.

Midway through this trip, she volunteered as a counselor at a Croatian camp, providing refuge for 80 children who had recently survived the Bosnian war.

Shortly after the terrorist attacks in New York, she compiled and distributed a “Working Compendium of Nonviolent Responses to 9/11”, and later served as a therapist on a US military base to better understand the human dynamics of doing the war.

His life’s work, Chambliss said, is to awaken the peacemaker in as many people as possible. She invites each reader of her book to commit to one or more acts of peacemaking and then share their results with her. She can be reached through her website, beard

His definition of peacemaking: people simply treat each other with equal respect.


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