The Pocket Chicktionary by local author Sherry Glaser – Fort Bragg Advocate-News

Northern California writers Ma Sherry Glaser and Mama Kym Trippsmith are the authors of Pocket Chicktionary; a revolutionary and revolutionary alternative to the dictionary. The majority of words in English, having to do with women or anything essential, are spelled with men/he/man in them. As the saying goes, “Abra Cadabra” translates to “I create by speaking”. By following the standard spelling of the words, women are literally excluded from the language and therefore have no translatable power in the world.

Words like “women, human, menstruation, manager, manifesto, etc, etc.” affirm the power of patriarchy, male superiority. With their new AZ spelling, this is easily resolved in the Pocket Chicktionary with a resonant feminine conversion; “wumun, humun, , moonstruation, moonager, etc, etc”.

Written in dictionary style with phonetic spelling, qualifiers, sources, and then used in a sentence, the authors have created a whole new lexicon that is funny, uplifting, inclusive, and resonates with the feminine long absent from the English language.

Sherry Glaser is the star and author of award-winning solo shows; Family Secrets and Oh My Goddess. She is the author of her memoirs, Family Secrets, The First Practical Handbook for Crazy People, and has been featured in literary anthologies including; He said what?, The other woman, Exit Laugh and Warrior mothers.

Kym Trippsmith is a singer-songwriter and author of Amazon Queen. She has been touring with the New Old Time Chautauqua since 1985. Kym founded Amazon Productions in 1992 and is the DJ for the weekly Feisty Females Radio Show.

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Lola R. McClure