William’s friends attacked Harry in tribute to his birthday: author

Besides the fact that he has no social media, Prince Harry may have other reasons for not going online on Tuesday to publicly wish his older brother Prince William a happy 40th birthday.

Among those reasons could be that William’s friends were quoted in a major British report marking the milestone anniversary, complaining about Harry and blaming him above all for why his relationship between the once close brothers may never end. be cured.

In the “intimate portrait” published in the Daily Mail, the anonymous friends shared how William is “really, really angry at what his brother has done”. A friend said, “He thinks there are things you just don’t do. And Harry crossed that line 100 per cent.” The friends also said William mourned the loss of his relationship with the one person, other than his wife, Kate Middleton, “who understands their strange life.”

Royal author Omid Scobie lamented in a column for Yahoo that the friends used their time with Daily Mail royal editor Rebecca English to dwell on William’s grievances against his younger brother, instead of speaking more positively about the kind of king William will one day make.

Scobie said that, in his experience on the Royal Beat, the Duke of Cambridge had a close and trusted group of friends who would never speak to a reporter – unless they got his permission. For Scobie, that means the friends not only had William’s acquiescence to speak openly about his feelings about Harry, they may even have been used by the Duke or Buckingham Palace to promote his version of Harry. the story.

“When royal aides and off-the-record friends turned the cover of the prince’s birthday into a list of family complaints about Prince Harry’s brother, I was left puzzled by the bizarre direction they took to take the things,” Scobie wrote. “And the opportunity that was missed.”

Scobie noted that the Daily Mail has “a complicated relationship with the Royal Family”, but that the relationship is “currently very close”. What Scobie doesn’t mention is that the Daily Mail regularly criticizes Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. He has been accused of racist coverage of the former biracial American TV actress before and after her marriage to Harry, and Meghan and Harry have been embroiled in privacy and defamation claims against the tabloid in UK courts.

Meanwhile, Scobie is known to be friends with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and to regularly come to their defense. He is the author of ‘Finding Freedom’, a hagiographic book about the couple’s departure from royal life, and is often the first to share the couple’s press updates.

Whatever Scobie’s bias, he’s right that William’s friends have shared many complaints about Harry in the Daily Mail profile. The story describes how William’s “prickly relationship” with his father, Prince Charles, “is more harmonious than it has been since his teenage years”, but that these days, the greatest personal concern of the future king is the broken link with Harry.

In order to find common ground, a friend told the Daily Mail that William and Harry “both have to admit their wrongdoing – and it’s pretty obvious that one of them absolutely refuses to do so”.

“William is also very principled and thinks Harry has crossed a line,” the friend said, apparently referring to interviews Harry gave to Oprah Winfrey and others, in which he said things disparaging about life in the royal family.

“He’s thrown down accusation after accusation, knowing silence is the family’s only option as they don’t want to be dragged into a public name-calling match,” the friend told the Daily Mail. “William is absolutely allergic to drama, but Harry made sure the family laundry was broadcast globally.”

Another confident told the Daily Mail that William was particularly angry at the way Meghan said during the Oprah Winfrey interview that Kate made him cry – not the other way around – before her wedding in May 2018 William feels his wife was “massively disrespected” by Meghan, who also said Kate brought her flowers as an apology.

“It obviously never occurred to (Meghan) that this was an offer of peace, not an apology,” the insider said, adding. “Despite many provocations, William and Catherine tried to keep the peace more than anyone will ever realize.”

In his column, Scobie complained that William and his friends could have used this opportunity in the Daily Mail to talk more about his future plans for the monarchy, the Commonwealth or issues close to his heart, such as the environment. , homelessness or mental health.

The Daily Mail portrait of William is made up of two parts. After examining William’s personal life in the story published on Saturday, the Daily Mail featured a story on Sunday describing William as Britain’s “first millennial monarch”.

With extensive commentary from friends and other palace sources, the story describes how William has his own distinct vision to ‘reshape’ the monarchy and ‘will not be afraid to get his hands dirty – or speak out on the issues that matter.” Friends of William also speak of William’s view that the monarchy can continue to play a role in national life.

“He thinks there’s a big space outside of politics where he can play a role on issues like homelessness and housing,” a friend said. “Children are brought up in conditions in this country that are absolutely unacceptable. Where does homelessness end and housing affordability begin? He really cares about it as a problem and that’s where he wants to put his energy.

Lola R. McClure