World-Renowned Relationship Expert, Author, and Former Hollywood Actress Dr. Ava Cadell Opens a “Loveology Retreat” for Film and TV Productions

Former Hollywood actress and now world-renowned relationship expert, author, love guru, media therapist and speaker, Dr. Ava Cadell opened “The Loveology Retreat”, a visually stunning and impressive in Maricopa, California, about a two-hour drive north of Los Angeles. Since 2000, the site has served as a retreat for the Pine Mountain Buddhist Temple. The new Loveology Retreat represents a real-life, in-person extension of Dr. Ava Loveology University®’s long-running popular online program. “I would like the Hollywood production community to keep my new retirement in mind as the ideal desert and mountain filming location for any project that requires lots of land, wide open spaces and a beautiful night sky filled with stars.” suggests Cadell. To watch Ava’s narrated retreat video tour, please see:

For the past two decades, Dr. Ava’s mission has been to promote the benefits of healthy relationships, emotional intimacy, and physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and sexual well-being to students around the world. She presented seminars in person and online, spreading a positive message of spirituality, happiness and love.

As a Hollywood actress, Ava Cadell has worked steadily in movies, TV series, and home video releases for over 40 years (1974-2015). She has appeared in feature films such as World History, Part 1, Smokey and the Bandit, Part 3, Commando, and The con, too; and in television series such as Hotel, The Fall Guy, Matt Houston, Dallas, The New Mike Hammer, The Love Boat, Perfect Strangers, and Gigi does it. In the mid-1980s, she was the host of a popular movie review series on The Playboy Channel called Previews of pillows. Please see:

Well known for Zen meditation in the mountains of Southern California’s Ventura County, the former residents of the Loveology Retreat property were two Buddhist monks who had previously opened their home to the outside world for Buddhist teachings, meditation workshops and Buddhist festivals. Dr Ava said: “As soon as I met these two monks, I felt an immediate connection between mind, body and soul. When they shared their desire to move to a smaller place, I knew that this beautiful desert land, with its mountains and an abundance of trees, flowers and Buddha statues, would make an ideal place for my Loveology retreat. !

She adds, “It has always been my dream to own and operate a retreat where I can offer my seminars to students, couples, families, widows and widowers, educating them and empowering them to learn. how best to live and love. Additionally, this retreat can also serve as the perfect setting for weddings and other family and couple events.

Dr. Cadell and the Loveology Retreat will offer guests a special on-site program each month. The first of them, titled “Boosting Your Passion, Love and Happiness”, will be held from October 14 to 16. In addition to Dr. Ava, guest speakers will include: Dr. Shannon Chavez, who will teach you how to achieve emotional intimacy with your partner and how to bring awareness to romance and passion; Dr. Hernando Chaves, who will offer new ways to explore and enhance sensual pleasure; Sabrina Jackson, who will demonstrate how to use sensual movement as a pathway to erotic empowerment and as a method to heal trauma; and Ram Kirin, who will teach Kundalini Yoga, meditation and breathwork and present a “sound bath” by the enormous Stupa on site. For more details on this special program, please see:


  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Trek
  • holistic services
  • Stargazing at the Stupa
  • Filming and photo locations
  • Corporate team building
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Birthdays
  • Family ties
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Children’s parties
  • Relationship enrichment
  • Healing workshops

Yoga & Meditation
For decades, Dr. Ava has worked tirelessly to help her clients rejuvenate their lives. As she explains: Self-care is the first step to rejuvenation, so the new retreat has been designed to reward clients with rejuvenating activities and services to help sharpen their focus, restore their spirit and reward their heart. The Loveology Retreat teaches clients empowerment practices in a peaceful setting on their journey to becoming regular practitioners of meditation. Says Dr. Ava, “In a world that is constantly defined by the hustle and bustle of living in the digital age, the art of learning mindfulness is a foundational practice of turning inward to help to learn to love, to heal and to find peace of mind.”

Dr Ava Sexycises by Sexperts: Yin Yang Yoga for Intimacy The program offers a powerful opportunity to awaken the masculine and feminine energies within and around everyone to cultivate a healthier intimacy within ourselves and with others. “We all know yoga is good for fitness, balance, strength, and flexibility,” says Dr. Ava. “But did you know that yoga as a couple can enhance intimacy? My Yin Yang Yoga is based on the belief that the synchronization of energy exchanges creates a bond of sensual trust that can bring a relationship to a level of intimacy superior.

“In addition, our restorative yoga program teaches someone how to relax their body with gentle stretches, like Child’s Pose. As the human body surrenders to a state of relaxation, the mind can also consciously relax, thereby simultaneously releasing stress from the mind and body,” she adds.

The Loveology Retreat offers nine forms of meditation designed by Dr. Ava: Alphabet; Defeat the coronavirus; Goodness; Manifestation of purpose; Forgiveness; Replacing Negative Thoughts and Habits, Reparenting; Embrace aging and create balance. To learn more, please visit:

Other Loveology Retreat features and amenities:

Loveology Retreat offers three different hiking trails for guests – these range from half a mile to three miles in length and are called: Compassion Trail, Faith Trail and Peace Hiking Trail. In addition, horseback riding can be made available on request.

The Loveology Retreat also includes an 11-foot-tall stupa, which was built on the site by monks so that all beings could attain enlightenment. The stupas are placed on a square base and the four sides represent the four directions: North, South, East and West. At the top of Stupa is an arrow, which symbolizes a line through the center of the Earth around which the Universe is believed to revolve. This magnificent Stupa is the perfect place for Loveology Retreat guests to watch the sunrise and gaze at the stars – a beautiful experience that can be enjoyed alone, as a romantic adventure as a couple, or through which the whole family can enjoy themselves. connect and spend quality time together.

Other amenities featured at Lovelogy Retreat include: Two on-site buildings for accommodation – the Lama House, which has a large four-bedded room, perfect for a family or group of friends, and the Chakra House, which has four bedrooms and can sleep up to 10 people; as well as the Buddha Café, where breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner are included in all retreats, and where meals can be customized for vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free preferences – with offerings including all forms of meats and vegetables, sandwiches, pizzas, BBQ, salads and desserts. Additionally, four state-of-the-art motorhomes are available for rental during your retirement stay: the Lily Camper, Lavender Camper, Bluebell Camper and Poppy Camper.

In addition to Dr. Ava’s personal on-site involvement, the Loveology Retreat also employs a highly trained wellness team. Please see:

With a doctorate in human behavior and sexuality, Dr. Ava Cadell is the author of 11 books; a world-renowned sex educator, love guru, media therapist and public speaker; and the founder of Loveology University® and its brand new Loveology Retreat. Dr. Ava founded the Loveology University® online love and learning program in 2007 and since then has taken on the role of mentor to share her vast knowledge of love, romance, relationships, intimacy and human sexuality with thousands of motivated students who have been trained to become certified Love Coaches.’s program is accredited by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists as well as the American College of Sexologists International.

As a global speaker, Dr. Ava has traveled the world lecturing at Fortune 500 companies, lectures and healing retreats across the United States, Europe, India, Asia, India, and Asia. Australia and Africa, bringing its message of sexual empowerment to the masses. In the fall of 2022, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of opening a retreat, where she can teach people to love themselves, find peace of mind, and discover their individual paths to build the human relationships they love. as successful as possible.


Located on 45 acres in unincorporated Ventura County in Maricopa, Calif., Dr. Ava Cadell’s incredible Loveology Retreat – launching fall 2022 – features hiking trails, gardens, a Koi pond, l stargazing, swimming and more, all with abundant 360-degree views. Dr. Ava has carried out numerous rejuvenations to beautify the property since she acquired it, with the help of pop artist MB Hanrahan, who has transformed various structures on the site into magnificent mural masterpieces.

The spiritual energy manifested and left behind by the two monks who resided at the site for 20 years remains and can be palpably felt by visitors. This peaceful feeling really complements and enriches the natural beauty of the entire property.

Dr. Ava’s on-site renovations included the addition of a huge above-ground pool; transform a large shed into a recreation room with an adult gym and games for toddlers, kids and teens including chess, backgammon, wall scrabble, basketball and baby- football; a children’s play area with swings and trampoline; a practice green; and an obstacle course designed for young children.

The Loveology Retreat is located at 941 Lockwood Valley Road, Maricopa, CA, 93252

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